Who is Audience of One (Ao1)?

Ao1 (Audience of One) is a youth discipleship program incorporating discipleship and performing arts. Our goal is to give young people an atmosphere where they are challenged to grow in their relationship with the Lord. This includes teaching on the character of God, performing arts, and small group time for application, reflection, and prayer. The young people minister the gospel through Contemporary Christian music, sign language, creative movement, and testimonies of what the Lord has done in their lives. We minister in schools, churches, prisons, malls, street corners, parks, hospitals, and any place where people gather.

We have chosen the name “Audience of One” because our primary objective is to bless God’s heart. Our worship, our dance, our devotion is to be to Him, first and foremost. He is the audience we should seek to please.

Our typical outreach team is led by David and Kathleen Tabor and Geoff and Megan Ila, who have led teams to Kenya, Australia, London, Italy, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and many other places. We have also taken teams within the U.S. We have outreached to the East Coast, the West Coast, Salt Lake City Olympics, Colorado Springs, CO, and Nashville, TN. We recognize that along with ministering to the nations it is imperative that we pray for and minister within our own nation.

Preparations and fundraising for each outreach begin at least six months before the team leaves. As our team is established we begin to meet and pray for each member, their time there, finances, logistics, and what’s on God’ s heart to accomplish wherever we are going. This is also the time where our team begins to build unity. We believe that unity is essential for every team. God’s Word says, “Where brethren dwell together in unity…there the Lord will command the blessing” (Psalm 133). We need God’s blessing and anointing before we can minister to others.


The Outreaches

Outreach consists of two weeks of “Boot Camp” followed by two weeks of “Outreach”. During Boot Camp the students are taught foundational Biblical truths and how to personally apply them to their lives. They are encouraged to spend extra time seeking God and learning more of His character, so that “As we behold Him we become more like Him” (2 Cor. 3:18). The students are also taught a full program, which usually consists of dances, drama, worship, and testimonies. Our performing arts program gives the team a platform to go into the community and share with others what God has been teaching them. “We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony” (Rev. 12:11).

Outreaches are chock-full of lots of fun. The students and families get an excellent opportunity to experience different nations, different cultures, foods, customs, etc. Our team members always come back with a broader perspective of God’s love for the nations and His heart for all people.

Our International teams usually consist of 30 – 50 members, although we’ve had as many as 80. As God calls Himself “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, we have seen God do wonderful things through a 3-generational team working together and ministering His heart to one another and to others. We encourage families, grandparents, and anyone 12 years and older to apply. Our performing team mainly consists of team members aged 12 – 21. Older team members usually help with the teaching, intercession, work projects, small groups, discipling, and logistics.

Join the Fun

Audience of One

Both families and individuals add to the dynamic of outreaches. Download one of the application forms or contact us for more info.

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Info Posts:

Gwangju, Thursday 10th

MDream Children’s Home was our destination this morning. This children’s home was established in 1920 by Director Kong’s great Grandfather. It has been in his family for four generations. Kong and his family are truly amazing people. For those of you that may remember, SRFM sent a donation to this organization for their Christmas program last year. Our time this morning at MDream was refreshing. We didn’t get to interact with a lot of kids but we did have the opportunity to help put crafts together for them. Courtney the lady that coordinates the projects put us to work immediately and it took us all morning to get everything done. Needless to say it was a lot of fun. Autumn, Kong’s wife and their baby girl Karen came and helped as well. After getting things done we went to lunch and experienced a feast. I’m not sure if you’re getting the idea or not back home but we are loving the food here in South Korea. We had the awesome privilege of meeting Kong’s sister, mom and dad and some of their awesome staff. We headed back to the church and everyone bar maybe a few hit their pillows for some much needed R & R. We were up at 3:30pm dressed and ready for our performance at Ilgok Park. We got there at 4:30pm but realized that our sound wasn’t recharged. So Curtis and Daniel faithfully went back to the church to get the sound charged. Again we were blessed by Viviana’s hospitality as she bought dinner for us once again. We enjoyed a Korean delicacy called kimbap....

Gwangju, Wednesday, 9th

Normally on outreach around this time thing’s start to become routine. The Father, however always has other plans and requires us to press in a little harder. The outreach here in South Korea is preparation for the next outreach that actually starts, the day we return home. The last three and a half weeks have been culture shock from day one of bootcamp up until now, and the remainder of the outreach actually sets in to motion a lifestyle that is lived according to God’s word and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The culture shock spoken of is the individual’s culture not just their American culture or wherever they are from or the youth culture they have been immersed in. It says that we are to be “…transformed by the renewing of our minds…” and that is what this time is for. The bootcamp schedule caters for this in that for the whole day each young person is not sitting idle at any one moment aside from having quality time with God. When on outreach each member of the team is required to maintain their individual times with God so that they get their hearts right and in turn listen and obey His word. This morning during worship the Father through the provocation of His Spirit challenged us in the area of our unity. It is such a relief when God takes control because His grace covers each of us. There were no major offenses between team members but God wanted our hearts and minds staid on Him and His purposes. We were blessed to also have Grace our...

Gwangju, Tuesday 8th

Today was very laid back. We had breakfast at 8:ooam and just relaxed for most of the morning. At around 11am Tamara and Kaiser came and we all walked to the zoo. One of our Team members posted on her Facebook page that walking was our new hobby. We have walked a lot on this outreach and it doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon. The zoo was a little depressing as the animals haven’t been taken care of very well, but we did enjoy our time there. I want to make mention how well we have been looked after over here in South Korea. We have the most hospitable hosts. Today, we were scheduled to have lunch with Tamara’s prayer group but things fell through last minute so we were going to get a bite to eat at the zoo. Vivianna, one of the ladies here at the church on Tamara’s team found out and bought us lunch and brought it to the zoo and ate with us. Tamara’s team here in South Korea is amazing and constantly brood over us making sure that we have everything we need. When we arrived in Gwangju last week and hopped off the bus they knew each of us by name. DaeHun, Vivianna, Grace, Celeste and Pastor “O” serve us so very well, and we’re very thankful for each of them. Posted below is the remainder of our schedule so that you can know what we’re up to and pray in advance for the upcoming ministry times: Weds, July 9th: 10am Mudong Library Park Performance/ Library read with Tamara Thurs,...

Gwangju, Monday 7th

Our day today started with a plan change. We were technically going to have a day-off but it was decided to put it off until tomorrow. This really didn’t affect the Team’s demeanor at all as everything was just taken in stride. We had breakfast, got ready and waited for our hosts DaeHun and Pastor “O”. After loading up on the bus we started our journey to learning more about South Korean history and the significant events that have lead to shaping it’s existence to this present day. Our first stop was the Honam Theological University & Seminary. It is here where 22 Presbyterian Missionaries are buried. Pastor “O” mainly concentrated on three of these missionaries. A German Nurse, Elizabeth Shepping, who studied in America and came to South Korea, was likened to Mother Theresa in India. We were told when she passed away she received one of the biggest funeral processions in the nation. Residents from all around Gwangju city, turned out to honour this Lady. Other notable missionaries were Clement C Owen a Doctor and a Pastor Eugene Bell both from the US. Owen concentrated his efforts on medical needs of the poor. He established a medical clinic center for those that were not able to afford medical services and several schools. It was very sobering to know these people gladly laid down their lives for the sake of the gospel. We were blown away by their obedience to give their lives for the gospel in this nation. Our next stop was lunch along the riverside in a small town called Damyang.  Lunch was delicious. They haven’t...

Gwangju, Sunday 6th

Today we performed in two services. We’ve been told that Korean’s can be very competitive. Almost every open space is taken up with a stall or a small shop downtown. At the mall and the market yesterday vendors were constantly vying for our business. At this time every high school and junior high school student is going through exam’s and testing at school so the pressure is immense. Most student’s don’t have spare time for hobbies. When asked what their hobbies are they look puzzled and explain that there is no time for hobbies as they are studying. These students go  to school all day and for most study all night sometimes only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night. We performed at the youth service first. The young people were very responsive and we were received well. The Youth Pastor was encouraged and the testimonies that we shared were right in line with his sermon. He was completely blown away by the passion of the Team especially shining through their eye’s as he made mention of it repeatedly. We were treated with pizza and Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes for lunch. The team had time to interact with the youth group which was special, as we passed time in between services. Our second performance was in the main sanctuary which was their evening service. Both performances were not full programs as they fit us in for a ten minute slot the first service and roughly twenty minutes for the second. Again we were received well and made an impact on the church as a whole. We...

Gwangju, Saturday 5th

Today was filled with sights, sounds and smells! We entered into worship this morning with much expectation and anticipation, and we were pleasantly guided individually to our place of identity in Him. An affirmation time ensued between team members, and shifted ultimately toward the incredible and indescribable character of God the Father. This God we serve is nothing short of Amazing and Wonderful and more than we can fathom!!! Prayer for our dear friends the Boggan family followed as well as prayer for our awesome guide Tamara and her family. God took us deep this morning and this was made evident in the teams individual and corporate response. As mentioned earlier, today was adventure day. Yangdong Market was our destination. If you’ve never been to an Asian market, you’re in for a real treat. It will definitely challenge you in the area sight and sound but most definitely smell!!! We are getting this bus system down a lot quicker than expected but you learn quickly when you are packed in small confines. Tamara gave us plenty warning ahead as we took the bus to Yangdong. Before Yangdong, we did stop at U Square for lunch. The boy’s Daniel, Mateo and Tayne decided to play it safe and went to KFC but the rest of us made our way to the food court for more of the delicious Korean cuisine. It was good to have our interpreter  Grace and her daughter Celeste along with us. Yangdong was a good mix of weird and fun at the same time, definitely leaning on the fun side. Geoff got to brush up on...

Gwangju Friday 4th

Today was a good day! We had an early start with some worship and took a moment to respond to the Father individually giving Him our offering of gratitude. This team is hungry to see the Father and each member of the team is genuinely responding to Him, which is an awesome thing to be a part of. In worship this morning we took time to also pray and intercede for what was on the Father’s heart for South and North Korea and it proved to be a powerful time. The other day God challenged us through Tamara, when she said “This culture is not new too God, in God’s eye’s it’s normal just like the people” and that was some great insight that has stuck in the teams hearts and minds. After worship we got ready and once again made our way into town. After arranging for our bus cards for travel we enjoyed a special treat. Lunch at a restaurant and a bonafide authentic Korean meal, with juk, kimchi and some other delicacies I can’t spell or even pronounce but it was yummy good. We practiced getting on the bus on our return and using our snazzy bus cards and had about an hour and a half to rest up and get ready for our performance at the park. Our performance drew a little crowd which seemed a little disappointing because we were trying to catch the elementary school kids at 3:30pm. Little did we know that school had let out early, however we did catch the middle schooler’s on their way home. They missed the performance...

Gwangju, South Korea

We are a week into outreach and it doesn’t seem fair that all of three days were spent travelling. However we are in good spirits and God is definitely here in Gwangju, South Korea. We spent today in the city of Gwangju getting familiar with buses and a general sense of where we are with regard to the city. Saesoon Community Church is a literal landmark here and can be seen for miles around the city. Something God revealed to us while we were in worship and prayer this morning was that this church was a beacon for this city and nation as a whole and our time here is not a mistake. We have the privilege of worshiping in the highest place of Guangju, South Korea not just over the city but over the whole nation. This church has strong intercession and prayer times for North Korea. They have a huge map of North Korea broken into it’s regions. Each North Korean region has a specific intercession group assigned to it here at the church and they are ready to send people in as soon as the communism stronghold is broken to each region of North Korea. We were put through a test somewhat when the Pastor requested that we rehearse our songs so that he could watch the team and our performance shortly after our arrival. What was most impressive was the fact that our team members rose to the occasion not even blinking an eye due to being severely jet lagged. During the rehearsal a lot of questions were asked, the first being “Are these songs...

We are here!

It’s 6am Wednesday morning here at Incheon Airport Seoul Korea! We got in about 8:30pm last night from Tokyo and spent about an hour an a half going through customs. It was good to Tamara Liebenthal at the airport to greet us… After 15 hours of being away from the good ole US of A we finally managed to sit down and have a meal….. at McDonalds !!! Yep, not ashamed in any way. We’ll get stuck into the local stuff soon enough! We spent the night here at the airport and will regather this morning and bus to Guangju hopefully around 8:30am. I know most of your updates have been on the FB page but that will change soon as well. The team is well. Quick funny story, so we get in and one of the kids starts asking, “Are you guys Jet “Legged” yet”??? Apparently, she hasn’t known that the proper term is “Jet Lagged” but no names… Hehehe!!! Missing you guys but so ready for this God adventure!!! We got to sing Happy Birthday to David Tabor in Tokyo yesterday at the...


The Team safely arrived around 6pm yesterday afternoon in Denver. There was a short wait before checking in to the hotel yesterday in Aurora due to computers being down. We received an unexpected surprise when we heard Daniel K. Lewko decided to join the team… He promptly met us in Denver after flying in from Montrose with Rick Weaver. This is getting more exciting as we go along! We had dinner at a Denny’s restaurant close by and went back to the hotel. It was an early night for most of us but the excitement and anticipation is building as we get ready to get on our flight today bound for Seoul! A big shout out to Joseph Burns and his mom Linda for driving us over. They will take us to the airport this morning and head home to Montrose! Keep the prayers...

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