Today was very laid back. We had breakfast at 8:ooam and just relaxed for most of the morning. At around 11am Tamara and Kaiser came and we all walked to the zoo. One of our Team members posted on her Facebook page that walking was our new hobby. We have walked a lot on this outreach and it doesn’t look to be letting up anytime soon. The zoo was a little depressing as the animals haven’t been taken care of very well, but we did enjoy our time there.

I want to make mention how well we have been looked after over here in South Korea. We have the most hospitable hosts. Today, we were scheduled to have lunch with Tamara’s prayer group but things fell through last minute so we were going to get a bite to eat at the zoo. Vivianna, one of the ladies here at the church on Tamara’s team found out and bought us lunch and brought it to the zoo and ate with us. Tamara’s team here in South Korea is amazing and constantly brood over us making sure that we have everything we need. When we arrived in Gwangju last week and hopped off the bus they knew each of us by name. DaeHun, Vivianna, Grace, Celeste and Pastor “O” serve us so very well, and we’re very thankful for each of them.

Posted below is the remainder of our schedule so that you can know what we’re up to and pray in advance for the upcoming ministry times:

Weds, July 9th: 10am Mudong Library Park Performance/ Library read with Tamara

Thurs, July 10th: 9am MDream Childrens Home/ 4:30pm Ilgok Park Performance

Sat, July 12th: 5pm Saesoon Youth Group

Sun, July 13th: 11am Saesoon Church Main Service/ 5pm MDream Childrens Home

Mon, July 14th: 11:15am-1:30pm Mark Liebenthal’s English Class

Tues, July 15th: 11:15am-1:30pm Mark’s English Class/ 6pm MDream Game Night

Thurs, July 17th: 11:15am-1:30pm Mark’s English Class

Sun, July 20th: 1:30pm Saesoon English Service

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