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Day 26, 27 & 28 Outreach 12th, 13th, 14th July 2018

Please excuse the rather long post… Sorry 😐  We started our day off with worship and a short debrief time. Judging from the feedback, it would be safe to say God has moved Powerfully in the hearts of our Team. Before we left for the VBS Mich gave a devotional encouraging the Team to seek God persistently in order to see miracles. Our last day of ministry doing VBS at the local church we were at was summed up of what the last 3 days have been. When you hear the words, “You’re Family’ you know God has won hearts over to Himself and has made a significant impact. The Team was bombarded with hugs and little gifts. The Pastor made a speech thanking us for the time we invested into his church, and sharing the gospel through scripture, dance and our activities. I truly believe we brought a smile to the Fathers face. He has given us much favor and worked His Love in each of our hearts so that we can pour it out to those around us. We truly appreciate the team from PA as well coming in and adding to the blessing God brought to that church. Friday was our day off. It was bitter sweet to say the least knowing that we are leaving the next day. After another awesome worship time and committing our time of ministry in Juarez to the Lord we loaded up our vans and spent the better part of the day at the hot springs a good 30 minutes south of Juarez. Curtis and Geoff cooked up burgers for lunch... read more

Day 25: Outreach 11th, July 2018

Geoff was up early this morning and caught the breakfast prep guys working to get the first meal of the day done.  We have been blessed with good food our whole time here in Juarez, Mexico. The base staff here have embraced us as their own and it will be sad to leave them.  Mike and his wife Aida oversee the kitchen and do a first rate job putting awesome delicious meals together for about 150 people here on the base including staff and kids at Rancho, three times a day. This is a special couple that love what they do and how they serve and it truly shows. We are so grateful for the quality food but more importantly the quality people that we have met. We think we took our last trip to the Market this morning but that remains to be in question until the moment we leave. On the way back to the base we stopped at the water park we went to last week to arrange a performance for tomorrow but we need the go ahead from the owner who was not there. At this point it will be whatever the Lord decides. We headed back to the base, had lunch and met up with our PA partners at 2:30pm. Our Team groups went through their game plans. It’s important to make mention that our Team have done an exemplary job coming up with teaching plans for our VBS program. The teachings as well as the activities have been most excellent and the Church we are serving are having a wonderful time. Our theme... read more

Day 24: Outreach 10th, July 2018

FUN + JESUS = ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! It has been a blast working with the Worship Center Team from PA. Our Team got underway this morning planning activities for tonight’s VBS this morning. While the Team was being creative Curtis and Geoff went to the laundromat for our last laundry run. Sad but true, we are well and truly into our last week. We have so appreciated the prayers that have been submitted on our behalf as we believe we are experiencing the fruits. We also had our last S Mart run of sorts. Our Team loves their sweets. After our trip to S Mart we were back at the base getting ready for our VBS in the evening. The Church, Chapultepec that we are doing our VBS at is considered conservative but they are so full of life and Jesus that our Team gets so excited to participate in the VBS with them. Leydhi also taught us  some awesome dances to some upbeat Spanish songs and the Team took full advantage of it. We had to leave early in order to get pizza for dinner and head to the base. It has been another awesome day and finishing strong is happening which makes us happy! Keep praying, two days... read more

Day 22: Outreach 8th, July 2018

Today was our first outing with the team from the Worship Center from Lancaster, PA. Their team consists of 16 year olds and up. They are a neat team and we’re excited to work with them. We also had Don and Adrienne Bowen in tow. We loaded up our two vans, the PA team van and the Bowen’s mini-van and headed to church. Church was it’s usually Rockin self as we embarked on our adventure of trying to figure out the Pastors message.   After church we all headed to the Tourist Market to have lunch and shop. Our trusty leader Leydhi had called ahead so when we arrived there was a table set for about 30 something of us ready to serve us lunch. We had an awesome lunch and shopped at the Market for souvenir gifts for an hour. Megan and Geoff went to the border with Mich , Shae, Tasha, Jade and a few others to pick up Jamie, Brooke and Janae. We are very excited to have them and so are the Team. It was taco night at the base tonight so we gathered with everybody on the base including the Rancho staff and kids and had dinner and desert. Ty Thurman, the Director for YWAM El Paso – Juarez  gave a short speech at the end telling us that for some time the base staff there have been praying for the nations to come to Juarez. He said it was an answer to prayer have over 10 nations represented by actual nationals of those nations. It is truly a blessing to be here in... read more

Day 21: Outreach 7th, July 2018

Today was cleaning day for the better part of the morning. Another team from PA arrives today and yet another 3 this next week while we are still here. One of the teams that arrives on Monday will be partnering with us to do a VBS at a local church so we are excited for that. The boys are cleaning our room for the team that arrives, and the girls have to move to another room and open their room up for the other teams. The Team took advantage of the brunch today sleeping in until 9:30am. We then set in to our tasks of cleaning and moving. Leydhi our “Super Host” organized some Team games that we participated in. We had a great time! Afterwards, we loaded the Team up in our vans and headed to the mall for a couple of hours and then back to the base for dinner. Even though we have another week left, we will be sharing Leydhi and Mich with the other teams 😕. They have certainly been a tremendous blessing to us and we are a little... read more

Day 20: Outreach 6th, July 2018

Today we returned to Rancho. Before our program for the morning Heather Farid one of  Rancho’s Senior Staff, gave us an official tour of the facility. She told us story after story of how God’s faithfulness time and time again brought completion to the building of El Rancho Los Amigos.   Today, our Team girls hosted a Tea Party for the Rancho girls. Shannon shared on what it means to be a Princess in God’s eyes. This turned out to be awesome, as our girls treated the Rancho girls to nail painting, hair braiding and Princess dress-ups. Our Team girls also let the Rancho girls paint their nails.   I think it’s fair to say that we could easily bring each and everyone of  these Rancho kids home. We have literally spent our whole time with them from the first week til now just loving on them. It has been Awesome to see the Rancho kids faces light up as soon as they see our Team members. The boys gathered in the big movie room and Gabe gave a talk on Proverbs 1, 2 & 3. We then took them to the field and taught them British Bulldog. Geoff snuck out and bought paddle pops for the all the boys as a sweet end to our awesome morning. After lunch, we gathered for another team time and both Gabe and Jarrett spoke on Proverbs. The boys since yesterday have started getting together on their own and reading out loud the book of Proverbs to each other. They are currently finishing up Proverbs 7 as of today. This has replaced... read more

Day 19: Outreach 5th July, 2018

Lastnight after dinner we had a reality check of sorts. Having a “Day Off” doesn’t mean we get a Day Off from Jesus. It just seems like on every outreach when we are in the last 2 weeks or week, it becomes more of a struggle to keep focused on Jesus. Both the boys and the girls today willingly repented for being lackadaisical in their attitudes with each other and with their commitment to spending quality time with God. For you parents this is a normal thing because God is getting them past their biggest obstacle in life regarding knowing God as their Father and that is, themselves. The Team was glad to be back at El Rancho and be with the kids their. We did planned activities whilst Geoff and Mich went to a mall to arrange for tickets to the movie “Incredibles 2”. The Team Staff were trying to arrange a movie last night for our day off but 1) We couldn’t find an appropriate movie in English and 2) The movie was sold out. So the Staff have arranged for a surprise movie night at the mall tomorrow night. After lunch, Geoff and Megan headed out to do another laundry run. Upon their return, clothes were folded and put away and the boys continued reading through Proverbs together. The boys actually started yesterday after they repented for being foolish with each other and being distracted from their focus on God. This afternoon Megan gave a short talk on Hebrews 12, John 10 and 2 Corinthians 7:10. She covered worldly sorrow and Sonship. It’s awesome that the Team... read more

Day 18: Outreach 4th, July 2018

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY We are so blessed and proud today to be a part of the ever Awesome RED, WHITE and BLUE!!! On outreach just like with everything else, there’s a point when you can only work and minister so much and you need a day of rest or better yet a DAY OFF!!! Mich and Leydhi our schedule coordinators have done a phenomenal job doing just that. Today was our day off and they scheduled our day at the water park. The Team played hard from 9am to 2:30pm in the afternoon. We enjoyed pizza for lunch and look forward to burgers tonight. There’s a possibility of a bonfire but we’ll keep you posted. We wish you a Happy 4th... read more

Day 17: Outreach 3rd July 2018

Today we started out with intercession at the base Family Time. After Family Time we had a Team meeting. We are experiencing some awesome breakthrough after our prayer walk last night in downtown Juarez. It just seems like the Team are realizing just how big God is in their lives. We then went on to our work duty on the base. It literally took us from 9am to 3pm in the afternoon to demolish this building but our Team were up to the task. We spent the morning taking the boards off the roof and then in the afternoon it was demolition time. Videos are posted on our Facebook page.  I’ll let the pictures below tell the story: We have a well earned day off tomorrow! Keep the prayers up, we want to finish... read more

Day 16: Outreach 2nd July 2018

Our work day this morning was by the basketball court we performed on earlier last week. The owner of the facility needed to have his yard cleared and it would’ve taken him a week and a half to do it all by himself. Needless to say we blessed him immensely. (His video is posted on our Facebook page) The Team worked hard and we have become accustomed to them not complaining or shying away from work. We finished after about two solid hours of picking up trash and weeding. It was also a good thing to have some cloud coverage today as we worked. Afterwards, a few of the Team walked back with Megan and Geoff while the rest loaded in the van and headed back with Curtis. Leydhi suggested that instead of doing a prayer walk in downtown Juarez right after lunch that instead we go in the evening after dinner because it would be cooler. So we decided to take the Team to S Mart the local supermarket and let them do some shopping with Curtis in tow. The Team most definitely took the opportunity to load up as many bags of snacks as they could. You know they’ve been away from home for a while week and we would hate to deprive them of this one privilege. 😉 Geoff took Megan and Leydhi to the laundromat and helped unload. He doubled back to S Mart to pick up a load of the Team members, dropped them off at the base and headed back to do an afternoon of laundry with Megan and Leydhi. Megan, Leydhi and... read more

Day 15: Outreach 1st July 2018

We had an easy day today. It was good to get all dressed up for Sunday service and not getting into a Team shirt for a change. We visited Mich’s church today and once again tried to figure out what the Pastor was preaching about. It was actually about a good hour shorter than what we have become accustomed to… (Smile) After Church we headed to our favorite restaurant Aaajiji’s. Awesome taco lunch and again good to have the Woodden Fam join us. Mich and Leydhi then took us to the “Lookout” which is on a mountain that overlooks the city of Juarez. It’s an easy afternoon today so the Team are settling into naps until dinner at 6pm. We’re looking forward to another fun filled God inspired... read more

Day 14: Outreach 30th June 2018

We had a change up today in schedule. We definitely missed our young people from El Rancho but today we went to a soccer tournament that was hosted by Michel our YWAM leader’s church. Today, we served eight soccer teams helping the church with their first ever soccer tournament outreach. We performed 3 songs all up between games, Curtis, Dustin, Megan and Kavika cooked about 140 burgers and the rest of the Team served water to the players and cheered them on. It was good to have our Montrose Groupies, the Woodden’s, Perez’s, Cooper’s and Miss Kecia along as well. It was a long hot day but heaps of fun. I know the players and hosts of the tournament had a lot of respect for us afterward.  We headed back to base around 4:00pm stopping at a convenience store to buy each of the Team a hard earned cold soda. After dinner we headed to our local church outreach from the night before, performed two songs and headed home.  Dustin stayed with us as long as he could playing soccer with the Team. He is heading back to Colorado with the Perez’s, Cooper’s and Miss Kecia. We’re sad to see Dustin leave as he has served the Team greatly. He will be... read more

Day 12: Outreach 28th June 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENSIE!!! You will never find a more sweeter young Lady than Kensie Hostetler! We are so blessed and privileged to have her on this team. She has so much genuine grace and mercy stored in her heart and it is so full of God’s love. Kensie literally knows no enemies and we are so grateful for the integral part she plays on the team. Today, we spent the morning at El Rancho. The mornings activities involved our Team girls teaching the young girls the dance “This is Me”. It was a very powerful moment watching these young girls with no parents break out into dance and song declaring their place in history. Our Team boys engaged in helping the young men create mosaic art displays embedded in small concrete plates. After the activity the boys played an interesting game of capture the flag. The Team is really enjoying the time they’re getting to spend with the young residents of El Rancho and it is great that we are here for another 2 and a half weeks to establish relationship and truly have an impact. After lunch Megan, Curtis and Leydhi our Program coordinator blessed the Team by going out to get all of our 3 days of laundry done. The team had a worship time with Geoff and rested up until dinner at 6:30pm. After dinner we got changed and had a heart preparation time. Geoff encouraged the Team to just use our performances as a Worship time to the King of Kings. This was our first full street performances. As it was only a stones throw... read more

Day 11: Outreach 27th June 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!! Our fearless Team leader Megan turned another year younger today! What a tremendous blessing she is to this team but also to her family and everyone that knows her. If you have the privilege and honor of knowing this Lady you will know she is a “Woman after Gods own heart”! We enjoyed another morning at El Rancho. The theme was water activities and the Team spent time filling up water balloons for the activities. You may also know the Soccer ⚽️ World Cup is on and the children were watching their countrymen México 🇲🇽 disappointingly go down to Sweden 🇸🇪 0-3. Let’s just say we were glad to offer water games to cheer them up. As you well know water games always end in water fights and you know our Team definitely got in on some of that action. This afternoon we were back at the street children’s ministry house doing some demolition and clean up. The Team worked hard and I believe Manuel and his team were thoroughly blessed to see us take down a wall they needed completely demolished. The boys got to take two dump loads of brick and debris away. It was extra special because they got to ride in the back of the pick up truck. We got treated to dinner at a restaurant tonight and Megan, Natasha and Kensie got the Birthday treatment by the servers and bussers. It was a fitting end to another God filled and God blessed... read more

Day 10: Outreach 26th June 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA!!! We celebrated this sweet Baby Girl early this morning and several times throughout the day. She also got to talk to her mom and we presented her gift to her as well. Geoff keeps joking that he’s so glad that one of his black nieces finally gets to do outreach with him…😂👊🏾 We are getting settled in very quickly which is great for the staff and team. We started our day with base worship where we met all the staff and all the students doing a leadership school. So they are quite busy here and will be up to and until the day we leave. There will be several other visiting ministry teams coming through whilst we’re here so we have been told to be very flexible. Our first point of ministry was at the orphanage where we did art projects with the kids. Please note that we are not to post any pictures of the kids faces on social media hence the pictures of the backs of their heads. We enjoyed about 2 hours with the kids doing art stations with different activities that had an art theme. We also did some chalk drawings on the concrete so the kids could pose for the shots. We became an instant hit when the Team began learning names of individual kids and began investing one on one time with them. We’re glad to be here for 3 weeks where we believe God is giving us the opportunity to spend quality time with these precious young people to help the staff establish a sense of family for the... read more

Day 9: Outreach Begins 25th June 2018

A very early start today! We weren’t surprised that the Team was up and ready to go. Their eagerness, excitement and anticipation of being in Mexico tonight washed away any tiredness, doubt or fear in their hearts. Families came in to bid farewell as the bus drove in to the parking lot of the school promptly at 5:30am. Bags were loaded and the team gathered with family members. David prayed for us and put us in the care of our trusted bus drivers Richard and Randy from Telluride Express. We hit the road at 6:00am over Red Mountain Pass seeing where the fires ravaged Durango. Overall, we stopped about 3 times and made excellent time arriving in El Paso around 5:20pm. We were met by our two YWAM staff chaperones Mich and Josh. After seeing our Telluride Express drivers off (By the way, we received a very humbling compliment from both drivers saying we were the best kids group that have ever transported over a 10hour trip) Mich and Josh handed Curtis and I the keys to two 15 seater vans. We drove to dinner at a hamburger joint, drove through the border with ease and drove 20 minutes to the YWAM facility adjacent to the orphanage. We got welcome gifts a short rules and regulations pitch, and headed to our rooms. The boys and girls are in separate rooms, beds were made showers had. The Team are missing their friends and fellow Bootcamp buddies Sammy and Alic. We were sorry to see them go home yesterday. Thank you all for your prayers. We are here safe and sound.... read more

Day 8: Bootcamp 24th June 2018

Megan, Geoff, Shae and the breakfast crew cooked up a mean sausage and scrambled eggs breakfast this morning. A hearty meal for a day full of packing and cleaning! After worship Geoff spoke today on: He also spoke from 1 Samuel 16 & 17 to teach about David before he fought and had victory over Goliath. Geoff focused on David’s preparation with the lions and bears and why Sauls armor was inadequate. The question posed for the Team was, “What are your some of your lions and bears that you face in your lives because rest assured as God’s chosen, you will most certainly be facing Goliath throughout your lifetime”? And “What tools has God given you that He is training you in to fight the lions and bears” The Team split after the teaching and went to Taco Bell and Wendy’s for lunch. After lunch, they practiced and polished their songs and the big clean up and packing started. Megan treated the Team to pizza for dinner as parents and family came to say their goodbyes. We’re definitely excited about this next phase and the Team is ready Juarez! The last report we’ve heard from Mrs. Lucy Allen our SRFM book keeper is that we have $1,379.00 yet to come in to be fully funded before we leave. After this week we know that God is all knowing and all powerful to provide! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support thus far and we ask that you continue to... read more

Day 7: Bootcamp 23rd June 2018

We had some tired kids today after pranking each other into the wee hours of the morning. We didn’t let that stop us though with God seamlessly brought the joy of the Lord into our midst and that seemed to be what the Team was energized with. We heard from Mr. Scott Hartman this morning. Scott’s son Ethan is on the team, and Scott has a definitive passion for God’s word and he is a man that pursues God’s righteousness. Scott’s teaching today was short and to the point which was just as well due to all the early morning activity between the girls and boys rooms. Scott started with a question, “What would you do and change if you knew you had only one year to live”? The answers varied from spending quality time with family, to completing a bucket list etc. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 Scott gave several scriptures and pointed out that in Matthew 24:36 that no one knows the day or hour He will return and 24:46-47 we need to be found doing His will when He returns. Scott then ramped it up as he transitioned into his next question which was, “What would you do, if you knew Jesus would return in one year”? ” Titus 2:11-14 How would you live differently your Savior was coming? He elaborated on 2 Timothy 4:7-8 and Proverbs 16:3 In closing his admonition to the Team was, “Hold on to Jesus as your number 1 priority. That is how you keep His Truth and blessing that He has given you” The Team snacked has an early lunch and then... read more

Day 6: Bootcamp 22nd June 2018

We experienced yet another phenomenal worship time. The Team is hungry for God and God is meeting that need at every turn. The deeper this Team is going the more revelation God is pouring into their hearts. What an awesome Bootcamp experience we have had so far and it seems to get better and better each day! Today we heard from the father of nations David Tabor! This man and his wife Kathleen have pioneered and led many King’s Kids and  Ao1 teams over the last 25 to 30 years. The are the founders of Solid Rock Foundation Ministries which Audience of One is a ministry arm of.  David is affectionately know as Granddad to almost everyone on the Team. He has 4 grandchildren on the team, Shannon, Shae, Natasha and Tayne and his daughter Megan and son-in-law Geoff are leading this team. He is also a basketball coach to many of the young ladies on the team. He and Kathleen have an incredible legacy which is due to their passion for and obedience to Father God. David touched on many important subjects, one being the validation of God’s power and anointing upon young people and their purpose in the body of Christ. He also spoke on motivational gifts. It was so cool listening to the boys recount his words over dinner and just how much it impacted them. See some of the gems he shared below: God uses young people in a tremendous way. Samuel was recognized and respected by his words. Daniel remained attached and committed to God in captivity. Kids are leaders of Christianity today/ Youth... read more

Day 5: Bootcamp 21st June 2018

I just want to say up front, we have an amazing team! Today’s worship time started with a very brave young lady Zion Conley stepping up in front of our whole team and walking in humility asking forgiveness of the team for her bad attitudes. As one of the older team members she led by example which sparked each individual on the team to invite the Holy Spirit into their hearts and receive His conviction for any offenses they had toward other team members. Pretty soon we had our whole team reconciling with one another. You gotta love when you get the privilege of watching a mini-revival take place right before your very eyes. It set the stage for a very deep and intimate worship time before Father God. After our awesome worship time we were blessed with another dynamic duo, Lance and Lisa Rediger. This is a couple who have traveled nations discipling young people. If you had the opportunity to watch the children’s theater production, Lion King Jr over a week ago at the Magic Circle here in Montrose, CO you would realize just how much of an impact they continue to make in young peoples lives. Lisa spoke on what it means to contend and how necessarily vital it is to contend with God against the enemy in this day and age. Again some bullet points of an excellent teaching time: Contend – to dispute earnestly against falsehood We contend with the Enemy by knowing who God is; we contend beside the Victor Jesus Christ Stand in who you know God is The Enemy duplicates what... read more

Day 4: Bootcamp 20th June 2018

Happy 15th Birthday Gabe Miller!!! Today was literally celebrate Gabe Miller day!!! From donuts for breakfast, cake for lunch and the potluck for dinner it seemed like all of Gabe’s Christmases and Birthdays came at once… How appropriate and what came to mind was the words from Psalm 139, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” That is one the best things about God is that He makes it His priority to celebrate life, and celebrate we did! We would like to take this opportunity to also commend the parents of all the young people on this team! There is a hungering and a thirsting after God that is insatiable. We started worship reflecting on the movie “The Passion of Christ” last night and again we experienced more gems being revealed in our young people’s hearts. Kathleen Tabor was our speaker for both sessions this morning. I asked the kids, what did she speak on and they answered, she didn’t have a title, she just spoke truth and that, Ladies & Gentlemen is Kathleen Tabor. She not only speaks Truth but she lives Truth, Truth being the very person of Jesus Christ. Kathleen as always was very direct and has been putting together a teaching on the orphan spirit for some time, which is what we will be encountering as a team going to the orphanage in Juarez, Mexico. Here are some bullet points: If sin is in front of your face you either allow it in or you rebuke it. It doesn’t become a part of you until you allow it. There are 3 Fathers. 1) God the Father... read more

Day 3: Bootcamp 19th June 2018

We experienced yet another Spirit filled worship time. The issue of our salvation was the underlying subject right throughout the day. A chorus line “My heart and flesh cry out for You the living God, I’ve tasted and I’ve seen, come once again to me, I will draw near to You, I will draw near to You…” resounded as different individuals recounted what they have tasted of the Lord, 3 days into our bootcamp. There wasn’t a single person that was not in awe of our Savior! Worship once again played an instrumental role in setting the tone for the day. Watching young people come to the realization that God is nothing but love never gets gets old and our young people are most certainly bathing in it. Psalm 34:8 says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him” and we are seeing our people keenly taking refuge in Him. We had the Dynamic Duo, Jodi and Adam Woodden speak to the team today. This couple literally live and breathe in presence of the Holy Spirit and exemplify Jesus Christ very well indeed. Jodi spoke on the subject of forgiveness and explained how holding on to hurt and pain will affect your life for the negative. She touched on triggers and digging deep to find out what hurts you and why. This proved to be revelation for our young people as I overheard Tayne recounting in his flock group time that if you can’t forgive you can’t come close to God. Jodi also affirmed in the hearts of each of... read more

Day 2: Bootcamp 18th June 2018

The first day of adjusting to a routine is mostly fun due to the newness of a team. There is always a sense of anticipation no matter how many times you have been on outreach. Starting our day with an early breakfast and time with the Lord prepared hearts to receive in worship today. In worship the Holy Spirit challenged each of us to press in and receive a specific word from Him. Our worship time always sets the tone for what our day looks like. Zion, Shannon and Shae shared some things that God had been speaking to them during their quiet time and Tayne read his devotional and prayed for us. What each of them shared confirmed what God has been saying to us as staff for this outreach. If our eye’s are fixed on Jesus nothing is impossible. Our fear is gone our hope is restored! Megan started proceedings breaking up Romans 8 and giving each of the team a verse each. She then sent them off to be alone and read through their verse and ask God to bring revelation. The feed back from each of the team was phenomenal. It’s easy to see the hunger that young people have for God when given the opportunity. This is what bootcamp is all about. Their whole day is accounted for from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. This structure allows them the access they need to receive and hear clearly from God. Distractions are removed so that they can give themselves the necessary time to learn to hear His voice... read more

Day 1: Bootcamp Begins 17th June 2018

The 1st day of Bootcamp has finally arrived and brought much excitement and anticipation with it. Geoff and Megan started setting up for bootcamp early this afternoon. Tayne and Kensie were the first of the team to arrive and subsequently opened the floodgates. Pretty soon team members came streaming in with their families. Bags got put in rooms and all the families gathered for instructions of the Bootcamp process. Geoff prayed for the team and our bootcamp and outreach and after the families left Megan, Curtis, Dustin and Geoff met with the team to lay down some ground rules. Bootcamp plays such an imperative role in outreach as far as team bonding and connecting with God. We ask that you be in prayer for our team during this time and also for outreach. As a staff we feel that God has a specific purpose for each team member and we are excited to see what He is about to... read more

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