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Day 23: Outreach 9th, July 2018

What a day we had! We have been praying for more performances during this last week. This morning we were able to go to downtown Juarez and perform in front of the Catholic Cathedral. This was a full performance only the second we’ve been able to do all outreach. We just turned up unannounced partnered with an evangelistic team and away we went. It’s always an adventure following God’s lead. Whilst at the performance in downtown Juarez, we also had the pleasure of meeting Chris’s Uncle, grandfather, grandmother, Aunt and cousin. That was an added bonus to an already blessed morning. We returned to the base completely pumped and ready for our next assignment. Leydhi has us partnering with the team from PA to run a VBS for a local church. After lunch we gathered our Team and Megan sorted out our groups. Each group planned an activity towards a certain age group. Megan ingeniously planned our themes around the 5 songs we perform in our program so today’s theme is based around our song, “This is me”! After our Team groups came up with a game plan, we then had added to each group, members from the PA team that were also split up to join each of our groups. When we arrived at the church which seemed like an hour to get to, you would think we were expert VBS program designers. Geoff started the proceedings with worship and each group dove in to their respective age groups. The results were a resounding success, Praise be to God!    Our VBS program in the evening runs from... read more

Day 13: Outreach 29th June 2018

Today at the El Rancho we helped the kids with tie dying shirts. Our Team Boyz helped Geoff teach a Warrior dance called “Kia Kaha” and we had the added pleasure of having Dustin with us today. Our Boyz were excited to see him again! Jades mom Kecia Replogle also joined us with Taylor & Marie Perez, Becca and Erin Cooper, Jodi, Adam, Mykal and Deklan Woodden… What a blessing to get a taste of Montrose after just being here 4 days. Our Montrose Families left after our time at Rancho as the Team headed for their rooms to get a short break before lunch. We had another worship time which turned into a time where God revealed that the enemy is after our authority as a Team, corporately and individually.  Our times of goofing off and horsing around has exposed a few things 1) We’re fearful of stepping into our authority for the sake of losing friends 2) Our foolishness is an actual distraction from Gods authority and anointing in our lives as His sons and daughters. Therefore the enemy has us where he needs us and that is believing we are not important hence we believe a lie that we don’t make a difference. After our time with God we headed to our rooms got changed and had an early dinner. We loaded up and headed to another neighborhood street evangelism service about 20 minutes drive from the base. The local church we worked with had us break in to two groups going through the neighborhood handing out invitations to the meeting. The Team performed two dances... read more

Monday, 20th July

It was another early start today as we were up at 6am and started preparing for our trip to Keapara village. Keapara village is about 3 hours west of Port Moresby. Keapara is where Geoff’s dad Teio is from. Of the few personal priorities Geoff had for this trip, this was definitely the first, as his father passed away in 2011 and Geoff wanted to make sure he and his family could go to the village and see the gravesite to pay their respects. This might possibly be the last time the Ila family from Montrose will be in PNG together so it was definitely the opportune time. A PMV (Public Motor Vehicle) truck was hired and had seats and a canopy overhead to protect us from the rain and sun which made for a comfortable trip. We arrived around 11am and had an emotional welcome as family members and friends greeted the Ila’s and the team. Cousins, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, virtually the whole village turned out for the welcome. As is customary we were seated and treated to a smorgasbord of fresh ocean fish for lunch. There was also fresh steamed crab which was devoured by the seafood monsters. The team took it all in and savored the moments. After having our meal we took a 3 minute walk to the soccer field where it seemed like the whole village had gathered to watch the match between two local teams. The crowd instantly left the game to watch us perform and hear our testimonies. The villagers were deeply honoured not quite expecting this team of awesome young... read more

Sunday, 19th July

Today started early as the girls had to pack up all their stuff and their bedding and move them into the boy’s room. The boys also had to pack and pick up their beds to make space for the girls things. This is never easy but the team passed with flying colours. Breakfast was eaten quietly as the church service here at Boroko Baptist got underway with worship. After breakfast we sat quietly and waited until it was time to go to Cornerstone Assemblies of God church to perform. We only did two songs but they ministered to a congregation of about 500. After the second song Geoff promptly took Samuel to the airport. A quick check in after getting to the airport early proved futile as all the athletes from the neighbouring Pacific island nations were there as well doing the same thing. Samuel was very sad to leave the team and vice versa. He has made a major contribution to the discipleship of all the other young men on the team in his servant leadership style. Samuel is truly a leader of leaders and is quick to admit that it is all by God’s grace. The team will sorely miss him over the next few days. At the church service today, some of the Tongan athletes were there and the church put on a feast for them afterwards. Of course in typical island fashion the team was invited to eat lunch even though we already had lunch planned at Liz Pidik’s yet another close family friend of the Tabor’s and Ila’s. After our time at the church... read more

Saturday, 18th July

Before the team was up Geoff, Tayne and Samuel went out to get some fruit for breakfast and some ice for the water cooler. When they got back the team was still stirring and slowly getting up. Breakfast was at 8:30am. We found out that our performance at the mega mall Vision City was cancelled but we have an opportunity to go to the orphanage whose fundraiser we performed at last night, this afternoon. After breakfast the team got ready for the day and we used the morning to go shopping at Tabari Place which was where we first performed the day after we arrived in PNG. This was a lot of fun as the team was split into two groups and sent on their merry way. After an hour and 15 minutes we headed back to the church to have lunch and get ready for our time at the orphanage. George Nita a good friend of the Ila’s and Tabor’s, and also a PNG missionary to Port Moresby with his Australian wife Crystal met us at the church and offered to take the lead in their vehicle to show us where the orphanage was located. They led us to an outer suburb called Gerehu. The team got very excited when they saw the kids at the orphanage. We performed about 3 songs and shared testimonies between songs. You could tell Stephanie was taking it all in after being adopted last year. The performance went quickly as the team was very eager to spend time with the kids and as soon as they were released to do so they... read more

Friday, 17th July

Today we celebrate Paige McCracken! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!! We had another early start today. The team has definitely adjusted and an early morning isn’t as challenging as the beginning of outreach anymore (Parent’s take note). The truck for the luggage pulled in at about 6:45am and the lads got busy loading it with their bags as the guest house we are staying in is up on a hill. We drove down with the luggage to the main building and proceeded to load the girl’s luggage. We had a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausages, fresh fruit, milk, cereal and toast. After breakfast we said our final goodbyes as family and friends came in to farewell us. It was an emotional farewell for most of the team as they have gotten to know and make Ila/ Tabor family and friends their family and friends. As we loaded up the boys decided to ride in the back of the luggage truck freeing up space in the bus for a couple of families wanting to ride to the airport to see us off. The ride to Nadzab airport was a little bumpy but we arrived there safely after about 45 minutes to an hour. Our check in process caused a little question mark as two of our team members were booked on the next flight but after speaking with the agent we came away victorious with the whole team being able to fly together. We made good time to Port Moresby and were met at the airport by our good friends Ian and Jenny Memafu. Our truck driver Peter arrived a little after... read more

Wednesday & Thurday, 15th & 16th July

Wednesday: The team had a little bit of a sleep in this morning. We are certainly enjoying ourselves here in Lae and it will be hard to leave come Friday. Today was an easy day of sorts. We headed to Cassowary United Church at 10am to perform and teach some of our dances to the children and youth ministry there. Mary Passingan is part of the leadership that oversees the children’s ministry at the church and has been a faithful disciple of Kathleen Tabor when the Tabor’s lived in PNG. She gave us a very emotional welcome before we performed for the young people in her group. There were possibly 80 youth and children all together and after we performed we had the opportunity to split our group up and teach them some dances. One group worked with the children while the other worked with the middle school and high school aged kids. Our time there was very fruitful and of course customary to every church, we joined them for lunch afterwards. After our full tummies and good byes we set off for home, changed out of uniforms and headed to a private Christian school for some basketball. We were joined by some of Geoff’s family and enjoyed a good hour and a half of play. Geoff’s uncle Apa brought drinks and after cooling down we hopped on the bus and went back to the church for showers and dinner Thursday: This is our final day in Lae. You can sense a little sadness in the team as we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. After breakfast we took... read more

Tuesday, 14th July

It was an early start today as we took a 4 hour drive to a place called Baiyu, which is in the Bulolo area. Bulolo is renowned for its gold and timber products. We traveled some beautiful terrain as we took in the lush tropical rainforest scenery. The drive was a little slow but the adventure of seeing the landscape, waving to the villagers as we passed a multitude of villages, seeing the great Markham river and traveling across the Markham bridge made it a good trip. We had contemplated taking the kids to the Wampit River to swim but time and weather didn’t afford us the luxury. We arrived at Baiyu to a King’s Kids camp of 200 kids from ages 5 and up. For some of you that don’t know, David and Kathleen established the King’s Kids Ministry under YWAM PNG in 1989 in Lae. Audience of One in Montrose is a continuation of that ministry. Lutu and Yunepe Kisu both YWAM staff are the King’s Kids leaders here in PNG and they have done a marvelous job in furthering what David and Kathleen started. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s it was very common to have King’s Kids PNG teams see 40 to 60 member teams travel internationally. King’s Kids PNG at the time travelled to Germany, France, Spain, Hong Kong, China, Macau, New Zealand, Australia and the US. You could see in the eyes of the young people a spark of exhilaration and hope as the team performed and shared their testimonies. As Teira shared her testimony she called on this next generation of Papua New... read more

Monday, 13th July

Parent’s we have been well fed and well looked after here in Lae. Yesterday at the Cassowary United Church there was a full segment of announcements listing each cultural group and a detailed list of food items they are to bring for each meal to feed us for the rest of the week. When we informed the team what they were talking about in pidgin they didn’t mind sitting the extra 15 minutes for announcements. We kicked our day off today with a 2 song performance at the Super Value Stores, staff devotion time. It was good to pray for some of the staff members afterward and also catch up with old friends. After the performance we headed back to the CRC church to have breakfast. After breakfast a trip to the crocodile farm was arranged, but before they left they had to gather all their laundry and bring them to the guest house where the boys are staying with David and Geoff. Geoff and Megan offered to stay back and do the team’s laundry while the team embarked on their adventure to the crocodile farm. The team came back in good spirits and Winterford and Lone the YWAM Lae Base leaders treated the team to lunch at Big Rooster. This is the equivalent to KFC in the States and Oz but a whole lot tastier. Austin Koeppen kept asking the staff if it really was that good and he seemed satisfied enough after lunch. We headed back to the church to change into our swimming suits. After getting changed we made our way to the Lae International Hotel... read more

Saturday & Sunday, 11th & 12th July

Saturday The team had a 9:00am wakeup call this morning which was a far cry from our 3:30am start yesterday. The sun was out and after a fitting breakfast we sorted our laundry and got in our green shirts to perform. We had two open air meetings scheduled for Top Town and Eriku. Our first performance was at Top Town which is the town centre and had a great crowd. After the performance we had some time to walk around town and do a bit of shopping. After about an hour we left for Eriku which is another main shopping area. We actually had a quick lunch on the bus on the way to Eriku and performed to another packed ground. After Eriku we headed home for some rest. Lae is a lot more humid than Port Moresby so the team is feeling the strain. The amount of blessing that we have received from the body of Christ here in Lae is phenomenal as they make sure we are staying hydrated with bottled water every day. The CRC (Christian Revival Crusade) Church has volunteered to cook breakfast and dinner in their dining room for us every day. Cassowary United Church which is the Tabor’s and Ila’s home church have agreed to also help with food from Monday onwards for the rest of our time here. This evening we participated in the Saturday night service here at CRC with two songs and the boys headed up to their room right after we danced. Geoff led the boys in a heart prep time and let God do His thing. The boys... read more

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