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Ao1 International Outreach 2018


Thursday & Friday, 9th & 10th July

Thursday We set out early this morning for Tauruba Village. Tauruba is Tau and Nau’s village and it is about a one and a half hour drive east of Port Moresby just off the coastline. The team seemed up for a ride on the open back truck which made for an enjoyable trip,...

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Tuesday & Wednesday, 7th & 8th July

Tuesday Today was our first day off since Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia. The team took full advantage sleeping in until about 9:00am. After a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs with beef and cheese we got ready for the day. Our hosts Jenny and Ian Memafu...

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Monday, 6th July Port Moresby

We have met some awesome people here at Tabernacle of Prayer church. There are three young men in particular Gilkin, Solomon and Jason. All three of these men are on staff here at the church and basically they have served us from the day we stepped off the plane. They...

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Sunday 5th July Port Moresby

In the two days that we have been here we have met up with many ex-Kings Kids members. King’s Kids were the youth ministry that David, Kathleen, Megan and Geoff ran when they were with YWAM PNG many years ago. We have also seen some close family and friends. Liz...

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Saturday 4th July Port Moresby,

Saturday- This morning we had fruit and bread for breakfast. There’s nothing like hitting the ground running and today we started with a performance at Tabari Place. This is mostly a shopping place and was a great starting place for our first outreach. Normally on...

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Thursday July 2nd, Friday July 3rd Mt. Tamborine/ Port Moresby

Thursday – Today was a busy day for us all. We took the whole day to clean with other activities thrown in as well. The team responded well to all that was happening today. Firstly, we had an unexpected performance scheduled at a retirement home and it was suggested...

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Wednesday July 1st Mt Tamborine

Our worship time this morning revolved around praying for the nations represented in our team, Mexico, Australia, PNG and the USA. This resulted in the team being split up into four groups and assigned a specific nation above to pray for. Our intercession time was...

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Tuesday, June 30th Bootcamp Mt. Tamborine

Our worship and teaching times are getting better every time as God is showing up and revealing more to our kids. There has been a marked difference in seeing the team respond to God freely. It is truly a blessing to witness your children striving to get to know God...

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Monday June 29th

After finishing “Quiet time” the team gathered for worship. There were a lot of drawn out looking faces as Geoff asked how their quiet times went. Some were unresponsive and for the most part the team seemed very disconnected. The Holy Spirit fell as it was revealed...

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Friday June 26th, Saturday June 27th & Sunday June 28th

Please accept my humblest apologies for not keeping the blog up over the weekend. So I will summarize our last three days in this update. Friday was another good day. Since living together for almost a week we are definitely learning more and more about each other....

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