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Thursday & Friday, 9th & 10th July

Thursday We set out early this morning for Tauruba Village. Tauruba is Tau and Nau’s village and it is about a one and a half hour drive east of Port Moresby just off the coastline. The team seemed up for a ride on the open back truck which made for an enjoyable trip, and even though it rained in some parts it didn’t deter from the fun. As we got to the village Gilkin had to navigate the truck up a steep hill for almost half a mile to get to the church. This just added to the excitement as he parked it atop the hill. The view was of course breathtaking as we unloaded and carted our gear to the church. We performed to a packed crowd or at least from the time we started the congregation grew bigger and bigger as we went along. We were an instant hit and after the performance we were invited to the Pastor’s house for some refreshments. We were treated to some traditional prophet songs while eating which was an awesome cultural experience. Our return home was a little quicker than getting there as we had to get to the airlines to purchase our tickets to Lae. Tonight we had a visiting YWAM team from Brisbane over for dinner. The team made the most of this visit by doing some dances for them but for the most part it they were just glad to share stories of how the outreach was going. We have an early start tomorrow and everyone is in packing and cleaning mode once again. There is much... read more

Tuesday & Wednesday, 7th & 8th July

Tuesday Today was our first day off since Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Australia. The team took full advantage sleeping in until about 9:00am. After a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs with beef and cheese we got ready for the day. Our hosts Jenny and Ian Memafu had set up a day of swimming on a remote island just off Port Moresby. The team could not contain their excitement as we traveled to a village on the outskirts of Moresby. After getting our truck parked and unloaded it took two trips on a 15 minute banana boat ride to get us all to Manubada Island. It was a beautiful sunny day and the water was pristine clear. The team lathered themselves in sunscreen and swam, hiked and played all day. We spent a good four hours on the island and reluctantly headed back to the village where we loaded the truck and headed back to the church. The team welcomed their cold showers rinsing the sand off and getting settled for dinner. Jenny Memafu made a traditional dish called “Karamap” which is essentially a mini-mumu. For those of you that don’t know what a mumu is. It is a meal that is that is traditionally prepared and cooked in an underground oven. There is chicken, beef, spinach, sweet potatoes, plantain bananas all soaked in coconut juice and steamed, a mouth watering dish to say the least. During dinner we had a surprise visit from George and Crystal Nita, missionaries to Port Moresby and good friends of the Ila’s and Tabor’s. The Ila family was also visited by Tiana Ila, his... read more

Monday, 6th July Port Moresby

We have met some awesome people here at Tabernacle of Prayer church. There are three young men in particular Gilkin, Solomon and Jason. All three of these men are on staff here at the church and basically they have served us from the day we stepped off the plane. They have also bonded with our young men and lifelong friendships have been formed. We are grateful for their help as well as the YWAM Staff Tau, his wife Nau and Mirria. Mirria took all of our laundry yesterday and had it washed, dried, folded and ready for us before we walked out the door today. This was a good thing since we needed uniforms before we left. We had two performances today at the same venue, Constitution Park. The first was at 11:00am. Again we performed before a packed audience and the staff immediately recognized that the next level had been reached for the team spiritually. The Holy Spirit moved and touched the crowd as the team members shared deep from their hearts, the personal battles they had gone through. They shared how God had started the healing process in their hearts allowing them to recognize His hand in their lives and also the revelation of His Father heart for them. After this performance a woman came to the team and started weeping profusely. As she embraced and thanked each of the team members she explained “Your testimonies broke my heart”. Another woman who was selling bilums (traditional woven bags) took the team to her stall and gave each team member a bilum as a gift. We all left... read more

Sunday 5th July Port Moresby

In the two days that we have been here we have met up with many ex-Kings Kids members. King’s Kids were the youth ministry that David, Kathleen, Megan and Geoff ran when they were with YWAM PNG many years ago. We have also seen some close family and friends. Liz Pidik, Bernard Eliuda and his parents Steven and Julie and family, Jean (Valu) Vava and Ileen’s (From Oz) mother Rose Malai, her brother Norman, Arthur Lahies and his wife Numa, Geoff’s brother Henry and sister Millie and their siblings Esther, Amanda and mother Noreen. Each of these families played a huge part in King’s Kids PNG and have laid strong foundations that we are able to stand upon today as Audience of One. Liz came at 6:15am this morning to pick up Clara and Joan and take them to a fresh food market. Jenny Memafu’s son Judah works with a secular radio station FM100 which reaches 90% of the nation on air. Judah managed to work in a time slot for their gospel morning show for David and Geoff at 8:15am. David and Geoff were able to share about the purpose of SRFM and Audience of One. This was another unforeseen blessing and opportunity from the Lord. We performed here at the church today taking the opportunity to thank the Pastor and the church for offering their staff and facilities to accommodate us. As was mentioned to the kids at breakfast, church in Papua New Guinea is a cultural experience. Worship went for about an hour and a half, we performed for about 40 minutes and Pastor spoke for... read more

Saturday 4th July Port Moresby,

Saturday- This morning we had fruit and bread for breakfast. There’s nothing like hitting the ground running and today we started with a performance at Tabari Place. This is mostly a shopping place and was a great starting place for our first outreach. Normally on outreaches past our first performance is a first fruits offering to the Lord. Upon arrival we had an instant crowd. Geoff was our front man as Pastor Ian introduced the team. We were literally surrounded by the crowd who warmed to team immediately. When Megan and David spoke in pidgin this sealed the crowd’s acceptance of us and they hung on every word. This first performance was definitely what was needed to set the tone for our time here in Papua New Guinea and went a long way to build confidence in our team. After we finished we headed back to the church and Megan and David left the team to get food supplies. The Assemblies Church, TOP (Tabernacle of Prayer) is situated 5 minutes from the airport in the area of 6 mile. Right next to the church is the settlement (slum area) and school children are on a 2 week break. This being said, there are about 60 to 80 kids from kindergarten to 6th grade that come in to the church yard every day to play. This has provided an awesome opportunity for our team to engage in games and we are having a blast. After lunch we decided to have our First Fruits performance in the front yard with the settlement kids. Again, we drew the attention of many who... read more

Thursday July 2nd, Friday July 3rd Mt. Tamborine/ Port Moresby

Thursday – Today was a busy day for us all. We took the whole day to clean with other activities thrown in as well. The team responded well to all that was happening today. Firstly, we had an unexpected performance scheduled at a retirement home and it was suggested that we only take a smaller contingent since space was limited. Seven team members left leaving the rest to start packing and cleaning. Geoff also had his hands full priming and painting a wall in the office for the staff of the facility. Clara and Joan faithfully started our last load of laundry in Oz and we got busy. In the midst of all the activity, long time friends of Clara and Geoff visited. Grace Leo and her grandson Kenton visited the Ila’s and were introduced to the team over lunch. Grace and Clara owned a trade store business together in PNG way back when and it was a tearful reunion. We also had Ileen and two of her nieces and Ghislaine. After lunch we had an impromptu practice / performance time for our lunch guests and the office manageress Vivian and some of her family that joined her. Geoff took this opportunity to finish painting the wall. Ileen and her nieces graciously helped the team clean after the practice. As all of this took place David and Kathleen went into town to get fish and chips for dinner. On their return dinner was promptly called and cleaning and packing resumed afterward. Tonight was an early night to bed as guests came and left. We have an early start tomorrow... read more

Wednesday July 1st Mt Tamborine

Our worship time this morning revolved around praying for the nations represented in our team, Mexico, Australia, PNG and the USA. This resulted in the team being split up into four groups and assigned a specific nation above to pray for. Our intercession time was phenomenal as our young people fervently prayed, allowing their hearts to be broken as God’s heart is broken for each nation. As the team prayed it was easily recognized that each member has experienced significant growth in their personal relationship with God. No one day has been the same as the team is getting accustomed to God turning up and doing His thing. Even though our schedule sets the parameters for our day and keeps us focused God never ceases to amaze us with His provision. Whether it’s someone visiting unexpectedly with a meal, someone offering to do all of our laundry, or good friends or family surprising especially the Tabor’s and Ila’s, we can say we are truly blessed. Not to mention what God is doing in the hearts of these young people. There is a little more desire in our young people to live intentional lives for God instead of just being in survival mode. They are realizing that when God said He wanted to take them out of their “comfort zone” it didn’t just mean go on a mission’s trip this summer. It meant that He wants to deepen His relationship with them further so that their identities are not caught up on any one thing or any one person apart from God the Father Himself. Today was also David Tabor’s... read more

Tuesday, June 30th Bootcamp Mt. Tamborine

Our worship and teaching times are getting better every time as God is showing up and revealing more to our kids. There has been a marked difference in seeing the team respond to God freely. It is truly a blessing to witness your children striving to get to know God deeper. It is also good to see these young people move in their gifting. Teira led worship this morning and did a phenomenal job. After worship the team settled into their teaching time with Kathleen. Kathleen is doing a wonderful job as are all the staff and their respective responsibilities. We also had an unexpected blessing from Ghislaine Holloway taking all our laundry to the laundromat last night and returning with clean clothes for us today during practice. Our practices are going very well and the team learnt another new song today. As the days wind down the team is anticipating Papua New Guinea and there is excitement building. Dinner came in the form of a barbeque this evening at the Buntrock’s residence. After practice and showers, the team got changed and was taken in groups of four or five to the Buntrock’s house at a time. David manned the grill and we sat down to a delicious Aussie BBQ. Bernie and his wife Ginette came and joined us. Bernie is the gentleman that has been providing us with food throughout our Bootcamp here in Tamborine. We were glad he was able to come so that we could express our gratitude to him. Before desert Geoff led us in worship and we had a prayer time for Max, Gidget,... read more

Monday June 29th

After finishing “Quiet time” the team gathered for worship. There were a lot of drawn out looking faces as Geoff asked how their quiet times went. Some were unresponsive and for the most part the team seemed very disconnected. The Holy Spirit fell as it was revealed that most of the team had been on their phones or just goofing off in the time allotted for God. This immediately became a teachable moment as Kathleen and Geoff spoke to the team about the kind of offering they were giving to God and the difference between feeding the flesh and feeding the spirit. We did not go into a worship time as our young people were sorely convicted, knowing full well that they had nothing to offer God. Kathleen spent the next hour teaching on the difference between having a spirit of offense as opposed to just being offended. Time was also taken to repent and get their hearts right. We finally started our worship time and again the Holy Spirit fell this time provoking a heart response where a good portion of the team broke before the Lord and confessed their sins and asked to be prayed for. Issues such as worldly sorrow/self pity, pride, not receiving instruction, abandonment, hope deferred, fear of man were just some things, but all this leading to a hungering after more of Jesus in their lives. It was a beautiful time to say the least and without a doubt one of the most profound worship times we have ever encountered with God since being here. It’s hard to believe that we will be... read more

Friday June 26th, Saturday June 27th & Sunday June 28th

Please accept my humblest apologies for not keeping the blog up over the weekend. So I will summarize our last three days in this update. Friday was another good day. Since living together for almost a week we are definitely learning more and more about each other. Kathleen continued her teaching on Joseph and the team is gaining an understanding that there is a lot more to His purpose for their individual lives than what they think. Being up so close and personal has also caused our team to rub against each other which as a staff we totally expected and prepared for. After the dinner crew got dishes cleaned we all gathered around the fire place and sat down for our evening teaching. Geoff spoke on intercession and gave practical steps to how to have an intercession time. There was a specific emphasis on the importance of having a clean heart and making things right with each other in order to hear God’s voice clearly. Each of the flock groups were given a half hour to exercise the steps of intercession. After praying, the teams gathered for a report back time and each of the leaders shared what they had prayed for in their groups. One thing to note was that each team had amazing times of prayer but what had sparked it was the heart prep time right before and how they experienced forgiveness and reconciliation between each other. Yay God! Saturday was our day off and our Solid Rock Facebook page got inundated with photographs and such. It was a really good day for most that... read more

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