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A01 International Outreach 2014


Ao1 International Outreach 2017 – Togo, West Africa

Location: Togo, West Africa Dates: 18th June – 19th July Bootcamp Phase: (18th – 26th June) Will be in Montrose, CO Outreach Phase: (27th June – 19th June) We will leave for Togo on the 27th. The team will be hosted by Youth With A Mission – Noepe, Togo and leaders Joseph & Meleah Ouedraogo. This will be a working outreach and the team will engage in the various projects on the base. Cost: USD$2,500.00 (For Bootcamp & Outreach Phase) For more information contact the following: Megan: (970) 275-3983 Geoff: (970) 209-5133 – Email: David: (970) 209-4669 Go to our application link to download and application!!! About YWAM Noepe...

PNG Outreach Details

Join Ao1 for a life-changing experience. This summer we are traveling to Queensland, Australia for the boot camp, then on to PNG for a two week outreach at the South Pacific Games in Port Moresby. Anyone 12 yrs. and older can apply. Applications available here on the website under the Ao1 International Page Or contact us: phone 970-240-3173 or P.O. Box 2149, Montrose, CO 81402-2149   June 17th – July 23rd Dates are tentative until we confirm travel details.   Cost of outreach $3500.00 per person. This includes travel from Denver and return, food and accommodations.   Papua New Guinea LAND OF THE...

2015 Outreach Details Now Available

Ao1 International is going to Papua New Guinea! More details to come, and applications are coming. Dates are looking like mid June to mid July 2015, specific dates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

Gwangju, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Saturday, 19th We were initially booked to help with something similar to a VBS here at the Saesoon but that was cancelled. We decided to head back to our rooms and have a team meeting to discuss the next few days. After our meeting we took some time to start our packing. At around noon we headed into town on one of our last public bus transport rides. We lunched with Pastor Matthew his wife Joytsna, and their baby girls and Paul. All of them hail from the nation of India and were very instrumental in hosting us. The “Behind the Scenes” people if you will. We didn’t see them as much as we would have liked but, we have certainly appreciated all the ground work they helped Tamara lay, for what I would say, has been an incredible outreach. This particular restaurant was an all you can eat buffet which we were all very thankful for. A good mix of Western and Korean which was even better. After eating to our heart’s (Stomachs) content we headed back to the church. We took the walk home which proves to be very useful after our meals here. Packing resumed and showers were had. Tonight we honored our awesome hosts. They were not all able to make it but we had a great time. We treated them to a good Korean dinner (Of course) at a nice restaurant and handed out gifts to each of them. Pastor Ochul, Viviana, Tamara, Mark and little Kaiser. Sunday, 20th Sunday proved to be busy especially in the morning and we were all pretty eager...

Gwangju, Friday 18th

In what wasn’t looking like a very full day at all, it turned into a very eventful day. We had breakfast early again and headed downstairs to have a worship time. The Holy Spirit again went deep in our worship time as each of the Team members were encouraged to press in and finish strong. Tamara arrived after our time and discussed possibilities with David and DaeHun. ¬†Plans were made and we got changed and loaded up on the church bus with our favorite driver Pastor Ochul. He drove us to a Korean restaurant and treated us to lunch. This was courtesy of the Saesoon Community Church in gratitude to us for coming. The last 2 to 3 days have been Korean food heaven, as the Korean people have gone out of their way to treat us to dinner and lunch. Anyone that didn’t know any better might see our last few posts and think, all they did was eat. We were dropped off at the church after lunch and then it was back on the public bus system. We took about 45 minutes to an hour to get to Mudeung and when we got there we walked to MDream and dropped off our thank you gifts. After that we went down town and did a performance in the rain. We had a couple of hours to walk around the city and then it was off to the bridge for our last performance of the day. There were a bunch of kids from MDream and a family from Saesoon. The performance was great and we were rewarded with pizza,...

Gwangju, Thursday 17th

We saw some heavy rain today. We had breakfast bright and early and Megan and her crew of Teira, Rachel, Lydia and Brooke headed to school for an early start. This will be our last stint at Mark Liebenthal’s school that he teaches at. The girls have had a blast and have met so many wonderful people. The rest of us headed into town to shop and do some errands. We have printed off 100 copies of a Team picture and each of us have signed the pictures for Tamara to give to the kids at MDream. We had left overs for lunch and for some of us a nap was in the plan for the afternoon. Megan and her team of girls returned from the school a little exhausted as they did 3 classes back to back. We waited until about 6:00pm to get ready for dinner. We were invited to dinner with members from Ilgok Central Church at a Korean restaurant. The main dish was bulgogi which is a traditional Korean beef dish. Gwangju is renowned for making the best food in the nation and they did not disappoint at this restaurant. The members from the Ilgok Central Church saw a couple of our performances and were so drawn to the life that the Team showed that they decided they wanted us to share at their church on Sunday and subsequently dinner tonight. They are an awesome group of people hungry after the things of...

Gwangju, Wednesday 16th

Today was our day off. We had brunch at 10am and got ready for the day. Tamara came with Kaiser and treated us to Tim Tam slams which we readily agreed to. We headed into downtown Gwangju once again for last, last minute shopping. Some of us namely, Daniel, Tayne and I decided two hours of shopping just wasn’t our cup of tea so we headed back to the church for naps and update catch ups. The rest of the Team finally arrived back at the Church 3 hours later and just chilled for a little bit. We headed in to town again to have dinner. Tonight our Team Leader David treated us to a restaurant that had very little Korean food which I’m guessing is orientation for coming home. I did personally struggle trying to use a fork again after so long but half way through my meal I managed to get the hang of it again. We then left the restaurant and conveniently found a Baskin Robbins for desert. After desert it was home on the bus and an early night. No photo’s of shopping or dinner or desert but I’ll be posting some more real soon!!!...

Gwangju, Tuesday 15th

Breakfast started at 7:00am this morning! Dishes were taken care of and the Team got ready for the day. We all went downstairs for a worship time once again making sure that we took advantage of this time to get our hearts right with God. The end of outreach is upon us and we engage Team members in a debriefing process that helps them download what they have learned during the outreach. David felt that this window in time would suit us best since our schedule for the few days we have left is filling up quickly. During this time David received a phone call from Saesoon Church informing us that they would like us to do a full performance for their elementary class kids. After our debriefing time Megan headed to Mark’s school with Jamie, Rachel, Lydia and Janae. David cooked lunch, we ate and headed to town to do some last minute gift shopping for our loved ones at home. We spent a couple of hours in town and then headed back on the bus. By this time Megan and her small team were back so we got ready for our performance for the elementary children. Things seem to be catching up with us as I noticed we were all TIRED!!! We had a good time none the less and headed back to have dinner that Megan and David prepared. We were on the bus at 5:30pm and were literally whisked off to our final scheduled time with MDream Children’s Home. Even though we were tired we had a blast. Fun and games with the kids was...

Gwangju, Monday 14th

The Team was split up a little today. Teira and Mateo went with Tamara to do a kindergarten class and Megan took Anna Renn, Brittany, and Katelyn to Mark Liebenthal’s English class. The rest of us got the opportunity to hike up Mudeung Mountain which is the highest mountain peak that looks right over the city of Gwangju. Pastor Ochul and DaeHyun took David, Curtis and the rest of the team up to the mountain. David and Curtis could only manage halfway but the rest of us were eager. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the top which had a two story lookout tower. It was a little hazy but that did not stop us from and awesome prayer time over the city of Gwangju and the nation of South Korea. We also prayed over Pastor Ochul and DaeHyun. Some of the things God showed us to pray for were for this generation of South Korean’s to rise up and take their rightful place in the Church. South Korea in the twenty plus years has sent more missionaries into world missions than any other nation. We also prayed for Godly families and their role in the Church, and that the Church would not bow to a religious spirit. We headed back down to where David and Curtis were, got in our respective vehicles and were taken back to the church. Megan and her crew were back from their slide show presentation at Mark’s class. That seemed to have gone well as Megan and the girls recounted their stories for us. For the rest of us it...

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

As you can see I am behind on my updates which is not unusual, we just got busy over the weekend, so I will attempt to review the last three days: Friday, July 11th Friday did not have a lot going schedule wise. One thing we like to do when we don’t have a schedule that’s busy is go before the Lord and see where He would have us. After breakfast, the Team headed down to the dining room for some worship and intercession. Tamara suggested that maybe we should do a prayer walk at Chonnam University where our very own Dr. Lee in Montrose studied. After the prayer walk the Team headed back to Saesoon Community Church changed into blue shirts and denim shorts and headed to Central Park in downtown Gwangju. This performance was full of spirit as the Team seemed energized by their prayer walk. We caught some people returning home from work as well as a few families. A Deacon was there at the invitation of Grace and he invited us to have dinner with him this Thursday at the Central Church and a performance on Sunday. Saturday, July 12th Saturday was mostly spent eating. I say that in jest as the South Korean’s love language is definitely food. After breakfast we changed into our blues and denims once again and headed to the museum. We met some missionaries from the US and they joined us for a snack time. Kim bap that was brought in by Tamara. This was around 11:30am. After eating we set up the sound in front of the museum and...

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