Togo 2017 Day 15: Monday, 3rd July

It was another early start to a brand new week. The team joined in corporate worship with the base staff and students after breakfast. We had another anointed time and it definitely helped encourage and fill us. After our worship time, we undertook to begin with our service projects. Most of the girls did laundry and cleaned bathrooms while the boys did the same. After doing their laundry the boys split up. Tayne and Quinn helped Megan and Curtis with sweeping and mopping the dining room floor while Andrew helped Jamie and Hope start priming the inside of the kitchen. Geoff went with Joseph into Lome to get passports handed in for visa extensions with the team and also get paint.


It was another full day. Sierra did orientation to help in the clinic, which is turning out on average 4-6 newborn babies a day since we’ve been here. Amy who is from Colorado is in charge of the medical ministry and she has asked if the team can also paint her clinic. It’s a lot of work but the team is confident that it is up to the task.


After dinner tonight we met and had a team time. Each of us shared our highs and lows, which was very encouraging and we spent the end of our time just praying for each other. We are all doing well. We’re happy to be here in Togo and it seems that the people are definitely warming up to us. The language barrier has been a bit of a factor but after the performance and sharing on Sunday, things have changed. Please pray for our paint projects this week that we would get projects completed before we leave. We have a whole week of ministry next week in Lome so continue praying for divine appointments. The girls will also be ministering to girls their own age who come from broken families. Some of these girls have had abortions as young as 10 to 12 years of age. There hasn’t been a lot of good male role models in their lives so please pray that our girls will make an impact that will change hearts and minds.


Getting started on painting the kitchen

Getting started on painting the kitchen

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