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Togo 2017 Day 9, 10 & 11: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 27th, 28th & 29th June

            We had an early start today. The team was up at 3am and had the bags loaded by 3:30am. Curtis took the majority of our team members on the 5:30am Southwest flight with Jamie and Sierra. Megan, Tayne, Zion and Geoff followed on the United flight that left at 8:00am. 9 Hour lay over fun…         The team reunited in Newark (EWR) had lunch and endured the long 9 hour layover, filling in time as best they could. We were relieved that check-in for our flight started at 5:30pm instead of 7:30pm which was originally communicated. We cleared security by 7:00pm and boarded our flight shortly after. After some delays, we finally took off at around 11:00pm that night. We’re glad we celebrated Megan’s birthday early but we still took time to sing her Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!! The flight took 10 to 11 hours and for the most part went very smoothly. The good thing was that we all averaged around 4-6 hours of sleep. Kassadee however, took the record with 8 hours of sleep straight. We finally landed in Lome around 1:00pm on the 28th. It took us about 2 hours to go through the visa process, get luggage and clear customs. We were so thankful to see Joseph and Meleah Ouedraogo. We loaded the van they hired to transport us and stopped at a restaurant for a bite to eat before heading to the YWAM Noepe base. Togo 17 Travel Day 8 Arrived             When we arrived there was a power... read more

Togo 2017 Travel Day 8: Monday, 26th June

Today ended a phenomenal week of Bootcamp for our team. The gusto with which they applied to their packing and cleaning duties was evident of their excitement and anticipation to get one step closer to heading to Togo. After breakfast, the team tackled the task of getting bags packed and ready to go and cleaned the facility thoroughly.                                 After the cleaning was completed we waited for family and friends to say farewells! Bags were loaded and each team member was assigned their vehicle. We are so thankful for awesome supportive parents. A Big Shout Out to Mr. & Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Morris and Mr. Tabor for being our faithful drivers. We also received some exciting news: WE ARE FULLY FUNDED!!! WOOHOO, PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you all for the prayers.                                         We had a pleasant journey taking the more scenic route on 285 instead of I70. We took time to stop on the top of Monarch Pass which is always fun. We got to our hotel in Denver in good time. We headed to our traditional water hole for dinner the Village Inn. It’s not set in stone but it is what the kids have become accustomed to as kind of the last supper of sorts before embarking on our journey to our outreach location. We had dinner and went straight to bed to prepare for a 3:00am wake up, a flight to Newark from... read more

Togo 2017 Bootcamp Day 7: Sunday 25th, June

The last day of Bootcamp started with two awesome Ladies that love Jesus passionately. Miss Sierra shared her personal testimony that reflected the power and redemption of Father God that pursues you no matter how far you have wandered. She portrayed the beauty of God’s unconditional love and mercy that He so freely grants even in the midst of wrong choices. She shared the miracles that kept her alive even from birth and how she could see His hand upon her life right from the very beginning. We are so glad to have Sierra on our team. She brings such a stability and a peace that makes our team complete. We also had church with Kathleen Tabor as our guest speaker. Her message was so appropriate and brought a fitting end to an incredible week of teaching. She spoke from James 4:4 that literally tells it like it is. Basically, if you are a friend of the world, you are an enemy of Christ. Our teachings this week have established foundations which has been such a God send, but with foundations come boundaries that keep your relationship with God intact. Our team responded with insight and revelation as they took in what was spoken through Kathleen by the Holy Spirit. She also expounded on the area of a religious spirit, that stifles your growing process in your relationship with God. Today being the last day brought about the process of clean up and packing. This included getting our laundry done and getting our bags ready for tomorrows drive to Denver. Spring Creek Christian School has been the perfect facility... read more

Togo 2017 Bootcamp Day 6: Saturday, 24th June

A much needed Day Off started with an awesome breakfast of eggs, bacon and sausages with juice, coffee and tea. The kids slept in as much as they allowed themselves. Our guests, Shelby, Alic, Kaden and Ethan fell right into routine even though there wasn’t much of one today (Smile). The day consisted of the majority of the team hiking with Megan on the Perimeter Trail in Ouray, while Tayne, Alic and Ethan went fishing with Geoff at Ridgway Dam. After the hiking team finished their hike, they had a break at the popular “Mouses” Restaurant and headed to Ridgway for some swimming and a BBQ dinner hosted by David and Kathleen. Unfortunately, the team camera was left at our base hence the absence of Hiking and Swimming photos but rest assured the team took full advantage of the “FUN” to be had. Enjoy the pics before our outing:               The process of waking up Tayne who fought waking up even at the smell of bacon. A valiant effort but in the end the team had to do their “Duty”!!!                       1 Thessalonians 5:16 – Rejoice always,                ... read more

Togo 2017 – Bootcamp Day 5: Friday, 23rd June

We had David Tabor our respected President and Founder of Solid Rock Foundation Ministries speak today. This man is well respected and honored. There is not a finer example of Servant-Leadership portrayed in this day other than David Tabor. He is also a phenomenal, son, husband, father, grandfather and friend to all he knows. It was a little strange having him as “Guest” today as this is the first Ao1 outreach that he is not leading. David spoke in both sessions. In the first session he spoke on “Having a Firm Foundation”. His subject matter covered several areas such as confession, repentance, and the condition of your heart. Two important keys are 1) Humility & 2) Obedience. In the second session he spoke on the “Motivational Gifts” – 1) Prophecy, 2) Serving, 3) Teaching, 4) Encourager, 5) Giver, 6) Leader and 7) Mercy. David emphasized that all these gifts can only be used to glorify God. At times these gifts can clash but the important thing to remember is if you’re a rabbit, don’t try to be a lion and vice versa. After the teaching it was pretty much the same routine. The girls practiced dances while the boys went with Curtis and David and worked service projects around town. Being that tomorrow is a day off we invited some of our friends and family to join us for a movie night and sleep over. As anointed as the week has been the team has earned a day off tomorrow.               1 Peter 4:11 – If anyone speaks, they should speak as one who speaks the... read more

Togo 2017 – Bootcamp Day 4: Thursday, 22nd June

We had the awesome privilege of having our very own team member Jamie Ila be our guest speaker today. Jamie spoke on the “Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ through the Cross”. She did an excellent job portraying the cross and elaborated on several points that Jesus paid for through His blood. Do you know that our joy, our righteousness, our peace, our healing, our authority and our relationship with the Father have already been paid in full by the precious blood of God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. It is not only good to not just have that knowledge and understanding as a christian but also be reminded that all of that and more was bought and paid for by Jesus dying at the cross. Jamie’s love and passion for Father God is so evident and her ability to communicate across the board to all generations as well as her own was truly a blessing to experience.   We were also blessed to hear from Kathleen Tabor who is co President of Solid Rock Foundation Ministries. She spoke on eating from the “Tree of Knowledge, Good & Evil”. The story of Adam and Eve and their fall from grace. This story exposes one of our greatest struggles as humans, using our own wisdom and understanding VS the wisdom and guidance of God. Another critical foundation setter that helps us in our relationship with the Father.   We thought we knew this week was going to go fast but we weren’t ready for it to go as fast as it has. So much has happened in our young peoples... read more

Togo 2017 – Bootcamp Day 3: Wednesday, 21st June

Day 3 started with a very intimate worship time when the Holy Spirit provided an  opportunity for us to be vulnerable. As we sang the chorus “O come to the altar, the Father’s arms are open wide. Forgiveness is bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ”, the Spirit began to move in our hearts and an awesome ministry time ensued. It truly is an awesome experience to watch young people respond to the tenderness and prompting of the Holy Spirit. Once again we were privileged to have two awesome speakers. A husband and wife duo, Lisa and Lance Rediger. This couple have been involved in youth ministries for over 20 years in just as many if not more nations than you can count on both your hands and feet, and oh my do they have many stories to tell. Lisa spoke on the area of believing Truth over lies. She brought validity to circumstances that perpetuate lies. The message she brought home was that even though the circumstances that surround our lives are real, that we do not allow them to determine our bad choices. It’s all about knowing who we are in God and walking that out. Lance spoke on the “S.T.R.A.W” of Obedience. Stand on what we know and believe to be Truth. We will be Tested in our obedience. Reward of obedience. Abide – Be still and not strive. Walk out your obedience. Even though Jesus spoke at the temple at the age of 12, he remained obedient to come under the authority of His parents until He was released into ministry at the age of 18.... read more

Togo 2017 – Bootcamp Day 2: Tuesday, 20th June

We have some truly incredible staff members at Solid Rock, one of them being Curtis Allen. You won’t find a more gracious and honorable man who loves being God’s son first and foremost. He is an awesome husband and father and carries a “Father Heart” anointing that immediately hits you when you first meet him. The team is certainly blessed to have him coming to Togo. Today, Curtis spoke on two topics 1) “The Father Heart of God” and (2) the word of our personal “Testimony”. These subjects are foundational to the area of identity in God. Knowing that God is our Father is simply not enough, but understanding the attributes that are involved in the area of self-worth and self-respect are critical to a young persons identity. Not being easily swayed by your piers or circumstance because you know who you belong to is an imperative life lesson our young people need in this day and age. Simply knowing that we didn’t choose the Father but He chose us free’s us from having to perform or prove ourselves as acceptable. The intimacy and power of the Holy Spirit is increasing in our worship times as well. Geoff explained yesterday in our first worship session that when we go to Togo, we as a team will witness and experience first hand the un-abandoned praise of the 3rd world nations. When you come to worship Jesus in a 3rd world nation, there are no inhibitions, and definitely not a care in the world for what other people may think or say around you. It’s just you and Papa God! It was another awesome day... read more

Togo 2017 – Bootcamp Day 1: Monday, 19th June

The Staff initially planned breakfast for 8:00am in the morning but due to the excitement and anticipation that has been welling up for months, most of the team were up at 6:30am (Gotta Love It… smile). After breakfast and quiet time with the Lord, the team gathered for our first worship and teaching time. It was good to have Curtis and Marylou join us. Worship was awesome! As the Holy Spirit stirred the hearts of our young people, several of them responded and shared what God had put on their hearts individually to expect from Him for this time. One of our team shared what God had spoken to her during her quiet time, for the whole team: “I’m excited to teach you, but be available. Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. I have so many things in store, so trust Me. Trust Me with everything… I’ve Got It!!!  Jeremiah 29:13 Megan Ila our “Fearless Leader” started our teaching times today. She gave an orientation on what our Bootcamp entailed as well as what to expect. She also testified to what God has done in her heart especially during many bootcamps she has ben a part of in the past. After teaching and lunch the three boys, Tayne, Quinn and Andrew headed to town with Curtis to work on some projects, while the girls stayed at the school and practiced dances for our time in Togo. We were all thankful for Mrs. Conley, Mrs. Morris, Ms. Cheairs and their families bringing dinner and joining us. Our parents “ROCK”!!! Parents, we can recognize how your kids... read more

Togo 2017 – Bootcamp Sunday, 18th June

The much anticipated Togo Bootcamp phase has started. All 14 participants from staff to students fronted up at the SDA – School in Montrose at around 7pm. There was a lot of excitement and energy as everyone began the transition into Bootcamp phase. It was also good to see our lone North Carolinian representative Hope Tabor join us. Thank you Lucy Allen for this picture. Unfortunately, we’re missing Shannon Rediger but we will no doubt have more pictures to follow after today. Grandma Lou on the far left will not be going with us but she will be responsible for praying for the team every week. We all gathered for prayer with parents after bags were unloaded and sleeping arrangements were sorted. After the parents and families left, showers ensued, and the night ended with a smashing game of “Nerts”. As a staff we are very excited about what God has in store for each of member of the team and we are so thankful for each of the families that have chosen to release their young people on this God Adventure… We also received a huge praise report from Lucy who also handles our team finances. Only $1,375.00 of the total $35,000.00 team funding remains!!! We are believing that it will come in this week before we leave for Togo next week. Please join with us in prayer for the rest of our finances because what seemed a major mountain not two months ago has now become a mole hill and of course “All Glory to Father God”!!! Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares... read more

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