Today started early as the girls had to pack up all their stuff and their bedding and move them into the boy’s room. The boys also had to pack and pick up their beds to make space for the girls things. This is never easy but the team passed with flying colours. Breakfast was eaten quietly as the church service here at Boroko Baptist got underway with worship. After breakfast we sat quietly and waited until it was time to go to Cornerstone Assemblies of God church to perform. We only did two songs but they ministered to a congregation of about 500.
After the second song Geoff promptly took Samuel to the airport. A quick check in after getting to the airport early proved futile as all the athletes from the neighbouring Pacific island nations were there as well doing the same thing. Samuel was very sad to leave the team and vice versa. He has made a major contribution to the discipleship of all the other young men on the team in his servant leadership style. Samuel is truly a leader of leaders and is quick to admit that it is all by God’s grace. The team will sorely miss him over the next few days.
At the church service today, some of the Tongan athletes were there and the church put on a feast for them afterwards. Of course in typical island fashion the team was invited to eat lunch even though we already had lunch planned at Liz Pidik’s yet another close family friend of the Tabor’s and Ila’s. After our time at the church we all finally ended up at the Pidik residence and enjoyed burgers for the first time in a long time. Liz’s son David and daughter Katherine as well as Katherine’s husband Gerard joined us for lunch as well.
The team spent most of the afternoon at the Pidik residence relaxing and we finally left for the church at 4:30pm. We had showers and a quick dinner and it was off to bed for an early night.