What a day we had! We have been praying for more performances during this last week. This morning we were able to go to downtown Juarez and perform in front of the Catholic Cathedral. This was a full performance only the second we’ve been able to do all outreach. We just turned up unannounced partnered with an evangelistic team and away we went. It’s always an adventure following God’s lead.





Whilst at the performance in downtown Juarez, we also had the pleasure of meeting Chris’s Uncle, grandfather, grandmother, Aunt and cousin. That was an added bonus to an already blessed morning.


We returned to the base completely pumped and ready for our next assignment. Leydhi has us partnering with the team from PA to run a VBS for a local church. After lunch we gathered our Team and Megan sorted out our groups. Each group planned an activity towards a certain age group. Megan ingeniously planned our themes around the 5 songs we perform in our program so today’s theme is based around our song, “This is me”! After our Team groups came up with a game plan, we then had added to each group, members from the PA team that were also split up to join each of our groups.



When we arrived at the church which seemed like an hour to get to, you would think we were expert VBS program designers. Geoff started the proceedings with worship and each group dove in to their respective age groups. The results were a resounding success, Praise be to God! 






Our VBS program in the evening runs from 6:30pm to 8:30pm and is an hour away so we had to get dinner outside the base tonight. We’re so thankful to have Leydhi and Mich as they take care of our every need.

Today was certainly a great start to finishing the week strong. 

Thank You Jesus!!!