Montrose Ao1

Montrose Audience of One

Ao1 (Audience of One) is a youth discipleship program incorporating discipleship and performing arts. Our goal is to give young people an atmosphere where they are challenged to grow in their relationship with the Lord. This includes teaching on the character of God, performing arts, and small group time for application, reflection and prayer. The young people minister the gospel through Contemporary Christian music, sign language, creative movement and testimonies of what the Lord has done in their lives. We minister in schools, churches, prisons, malls, street corners, parks, hospitals and any place where people gather.

We have chosen the name “Audience of One” because our primary objective is to bless God’s heart. Our worship, our dance, our devotion is to be to Him, first and foremost. He is the audience we should seek to please.

We have two seasons for our Montrose Ao1 program. The fall season and the spring season each go for 12 weeks. The fall season begins in September and ends with a community outreach in the beginning of December, and the spring season begins in February and ends with a community outreach in May. Our usual Ao1 season consists of team members meeting once a week for two hours. The students arrive after school; they have a snack, and then settle in for a short, Biblically-based teaching. The teaching is followed by small group time and prayer time. The students then are given time to learn a dance that will be incorporated into the program that will be done in the community at the end of the season. All programs consist of worship, the dances or dramas that they have learned, and the testimonies of the team members as they share what they have learned and what God has done in their lives.


The registration fee is $25 per child. Make checks payable to:

Solid Rock Foundation Ministries (SRFM).

The Spring and Fall sessions have been amazing! From crafts, dancing, sports or volunteer projects, to the singing of Christmas carols at Sunrise Creek these kids are bright examples of God’s amazing love.

The local Ao1 is postponed this spring season, yet do come join us for our Youth and Family Camp this summer 2022.  Thanks for all who help make this local group a success. Let us know if you want to join in on the outreach!


This changed my life.
- Everyone

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