The 1st day of Bootcamp has finally arrived and brought much excitement and anticipation with it. Geoff and Megan started setting up for bootcamp early this afternoon. Tayne and Kensie were the first of the team to arrive and subsequently opened the floodgates. Pretty soon team members came streaming in with their families. Bags got put in rooms and all the families gathered for instructions of the Bootcamp process.

Geoff prayed for the team and our bootcamp and outreach and after the families left Megan, Curtis, Dustin and Geoff met with the team to lay down some ground rules. Bootcamp plays such an imperative role in outreach as far as team bonding and connecting with God. We ask that you be in prayer for our team during this time and also for outreach. As a staff we feel that God has a specific purpose for each team member and we are excited to see what He is about to accomplish!!!