We celebrated this sweet Baby Girl early this morning and several times throughout the day. She also got to talk to her mom and we presented her gift to her as well. Geoff keeps joking that he’s so glad that one of his black nieces finally gets to do outreach with him…😂👊🏾

We are getting settled in very quickly which is great for the staff and team. We started our day with base worship where we met all the staff and all the students doing a leadership school.

So they are quite busy here and will be up to and until the day we leave. There will be several other visiting ministry teams coming through whilst we’re here so we have been told to be very flexible.

Our first point of ministry was at the orphanage where we did art projects with the kids. Please note that we are not to post any pictures of the kids faces on social media hence the pictures of the backs of their heads. We enjoyed about 2 hours with the kids doing art stations with different activities that had an art theme.

We also did some chalk drawings on the concrete so the kids could pose for the shots.

We became an instant hit when the Team began learning names of individual kids and began investing one on one time with them. We’re glad to be here for 3 weeks where we believe God is giving us the opportunity to spend quality time with these precious young people to help the staff establish a sense of family for the them.

We had a great time and look forward to returning tomorrow for water games…

We took an hour to rest up before lunch at 1pm and practiced songs all afternoon. We then loaded up our packed dinners and headed to a ministry to street children. We were introduced to Emmanuel the young man heading up this ministry. Emmanuel hails from the same neighborhood that he is now being called to minister to. So his ministry has bought a house which they are renovating to help feed and minister to the kids on the street. We were ready to do some clean up work but soon found out that the workers had not knocked down the wall that we were to clean up after. We did the next best thing though and did half a performance for the street kids.

We ate our packed dinner afterward and headed back to the base. Even though it has been a full day the boys changed and headed to the field to play soccer with the boys from the orphanage and some of the YWAMers! We appreciate all the prayers and today we found out that our outreach is fully funded!!! YAY GOD!!!