You will never find a more sweeter young Lady than Kensie Hostetler! We are so blessed and privileged to have her on this team. She has so much genuine grace and mercy stored in her heart and it is so full of God’s love. Kensie literally knows no enemies and we are so grateful for the integral part she plays on the team.



Today, we spent the morning at El Rancho. The mornings activities involved our Team girls teaching the young girls the dance “This is Me”. It was a very powerful moment watching these young girls with no parents break out into dance and song declaring their place in history. Our Team boys engaged in helping the young men create mosaic art displays embedded in small concrete plates. After the activity the boys played an interesting game of capture the flag.

The Team is really enjoying the time they’re getting to spend with the young residents of El Rancho and it is great that we are here for another 2 and a half weeks to establish relationship and truly have an impact.

After lunch Megan, Curtis and Leydhi our Program coordinator blessed the Team by going out to get all of our 3 days of laundry done. The team had a worship time with Geoff and rested up until dinner at 6:30pm.



After dinner we got changed and had a heart preparation time. Geoff encouraged the Team to just use our performances as a Worship time to the King of Kings. This was our first full street performances. As it was only a stones throw from the base the boys walked. There were about 30-40 people there and Parents, as Staff we could not have been more proud as testimonies of real life issues emerged from the team in between songs. We were pleasantly surprised at how receptive and respectful the crowd were. Afterward, two young men came to Geoff for prayer. It was truly a special time.

We packed up and headed back to the base. We quickly got changed and on the way to celebrate Kensie’s Birthday we ran into some familiar faces.


The Perez and Cooper family had just arrived in Juarez and it was so good to see them.

We headed to a local supermarket where we treated the Team and our hosts to ice cream. Three Birthday’s In a row and I think we’re definitely doing the celebrations.