We had a change up today in schedule. We definitely missed our young people from El Rancho but today we went to a soccer tournament that was hosted by Michel our YWAM leader’s church.


Today, we served eight soccer teams helping the church with their first ever soccer tournament outreach. We performed 3 songs all up between games, Curtis, Dustin, Megan and Kavika cooked about 140 burgers and the rest of the Team served water to the players and cheered them on. It was good to have our Montrose Groupies, the Woodden’s, Perez’s, Cooper’s and Miss Kecia along as well.



It was a long hot day but heaps of fun. I know the players and hosts of the tournament had a lot of respect for us afterward. 

We headed back to base around 4:00pm stopping at a convenience store to buy each of the Team a hard earned cold soda. After dinner we headed to our local church outreach from the night before, performed two songs and headed home. 


Dustin stayed with us as long as he could playing soccer with the Team. He is heading back to Colorado with the Perez’s, Cooper’s and Miss Kecia. We’re sad to see Dustin leave as he has served the Team greatly. He will be missed!