Our work day this morning was by the basketball court we performed on earlier last week. The owner of the facility needed to have his yard cleared and it would’ve taken him a week and a half to do it all by himself. Needless to say we blessed him immensely. (His video is posted on our Facebook page)






The Team worked hard and we have become accustomed to them not complaining or shying away from work. We finished after about two solid hours of picking up trash and weeding. It was also a good thing to have some cloud coverage today as we worked. Afterwards, a few of the Team walked back with Megan and Geoff while the rest loaded in the van and headed back with Curtis.


Leydhi suggested that instead of doing a prayer walk in downtown Juarez right after lunch that instead we go in the evening after dinner because it would be cooler.

So we decided to take the Team to S Mart the local supermarket and let them do some shopping with Curtis in tow. The Team most definitely took the opportunity to load up as many bags of snacks as they could. You know they’ve been away from home for a while week and we would hate to deprive them of this one privilege. 😉

Geoff took Megan and Leydhi to the laundromat and helped unload. He doubled back to S Mart to pick up a load of the Team members, dropped them off at the base and headed back to do an afternoon of laundry with Megan and Leydhi.



Megan, Leydhi and Geoff headed back to the base and folded and sorted who’s laundry was who’s. We had dinner and after the dinner clean up crew finished dishes and cleaning, we loaded our vans and headed on our 35 minute drive into downtown Juarez. As we drove into the city we were treated to a truly magnificent sunset.


We parked and unloaded and spent the next hour in intercession over Juarez. We were told that during our Super Bowl games in the US, that day alone the border between Juarez and the El Paso experiences the highest rate of drug and human trafficking in the world.


For some of the Team members this was their first ever prayer walk experience and God revealed so much. Today, Mexico voted in a brand new President. The Team prayed for the new Administration but they also sensed that God was getting ready to elevate Mexico as a world leader and that no longer would they be looked down upon but He would raise the nation up and bring about revival to Mexico starting in Juarez. It was truly a powerful time and our Team were abuzz with the excitement that God met us and spoke His word in us and through us. This was definitely another God filled day.