Lastnight after dinner we had a reality check of sorts. Having a “Day Off” doesn’t mean we get a Day Off from Jesus. It just seems like on every outreach when we are in the last 2 weeks or week, it becomes more of a struggle to keep focused on Jesus.

Both the boys and the girls today willingly repented for being lackadaisical in their attitudes with each other and with their commitment to spending quality time with God. For you parents this is a normal thing because God is getting them past their biggest obstacle in life regarding knowing God as their Father and that is, themselves.

The Team was glad to be back at El Rancho and be with the kids their. We did planned activities whilst Geoff and Mich went to a mall to arrange for tickets to the movie “Incredibles 2”. The Team Staff were trying to arrange a movie last night for our day off but 1) We couldn’t find an appropriate movie in English and 2) The movie was sold out. So the Staff have arranged for a surprise movie night at the mall tomorrow night.


After lunch, Geoff and Megan headed out to do another laundry run. Upon their return, clothes were folded and put away and the boys continued reading through Proverbs together. The boys actually started yesterday after they repented for being foolish with each other and being distracted from their focus on God.

This afternoon Megan gave a short talk on Hebrews 12, John 10 and 2 Corinthians 7:10. She covered worldly sorrow and Sonship. It’s awesome that the Team are realizing that the enemies plan is to literally, “…steal, kill and destroy”. She explained what it meant to come through the gate and not like a thief that climbs the fence.


We still have a week to go and we want to finish as strongly as we possibly can. Parents, we know God has also been working on your hearts whilst your young people have been away and we pray for lasting relationships in their individual relationships with God.