The first day of adjusting to a routine is mostly fun due to the newness of a team. There is always a sense of anticipation no matter how many times you have been on outreach. Starting our day with an early breakfast and time with the Lord prepared hearts to receive in worship today. In worship the Holy Spirit challenged each of us to press in and receive a specific word from Him. Our worship time always sets the tone for what our day looks like. Zion, Shannon and Shae shared some things that God had been speaking to them during their quiet time and Tayne read his devotional and prayed for us. What each of them shared confirmed what God has been saying to us as staff for this outreach. If our eye’s are fixed on Jesus nothing is impossible. Our fear is gone our hope is restored!


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Megan started proceedings breaking up Romans 8 and giving each of the team a verse each. She then sent them off to be alone and read through their verse and ask God to bring revelation. The feed back from each of the team was phenomenal. It’s easy to see the hunger that young people have for God when given the opportunity. This is what bootcamp is all about. Their whole day is accounted for from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. This structure allows them the access they need to receive and hear clearly from God. Distractions are removed so that they can give themselves the necessary time to learn to hear His voice and subsequently act out of obedience and not just because mom or dad said so.


Curtis Allen is truly a man after God’s own heart. To know this man is a privilege and honor. His lesson today was on the Father heart of God. His message today gave credence to what God is establishing in the hearts of these young people. Curtis affirmed and confirmed God’s unquestionable love and affection for His chosen and also reiterated that due to each of us being His very own creation that He has a specific plan and purpose for each individual. This can only be found by a personal relationship with Christ and through that relationship His Father heart for man is revealed.

Lunch was certainly eventful as Megan marked out flock groups and cleaning crews. It’s amazing the servant heart that each of these young people possess. When asked to volunteer for a task, hands shoot up, left, right and center. We have 3 flock groups. The purpose of flock groups is so our team members can have the opportunity to process what they are learning, be accountable and have the ability to encourage others.

The afternoon was filled with activity. Dance practice took up the majority of the time and there was little time they had off but for the most part their day filled. One thing we kept hearing over and over was the statement, “I can’t wait to have a shower” which is what we love to hear as staff, especially on outreach. Our good friend Mrs. Kathy Deltondo brought a delicious meal of spaghetti, turkey alfredo, bread, salad and grapes. It was an amazing feast and the team were most definitely hungry. After the dinner crew cleaned up we had our family time. Shannon Rediger shared an amazing testimonial of what God is doing in her heart and we had some equally amazing feedback from the team.

After our family time we got down to some fun and what a time we had. Geoff got on his guitar and the girls and boys had a sing off. Much fun and laughter was had as we ended an awesome first day of bootcamp.

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