Today we returned to Rancho. Before our program for the morning Heather Farid one of  Rancho’s Senior Staff, gave us an official tour of the facility. She told us story after story of how God’s faithfulness time and time again brought completion to the building of El Rancho Los Amigos.





Today, our Team girls hosted a Tea Party for the Rancho girls. Shannon shared on what it means to be a Princess in God’s eyes. This turned out to be awesome, as our girls treated the Rancho girls to nail painting, hair braiding and Princess dress-ups. Our Team girls also let the Rancho girls paint their nails.




I think it’s fair to say that we could easily bring each and everyone of  these Rancho kids home. We have literally spent our whole time with them from the first week til now just loving on them. It has been Awesome to see the Rancho kids faces light up as soon as they see our Team members.

The boys gathered in the big movie room and Gabe gave a talk on Proverbs 1, 2 & 3. We then took them to the field and taught them British Bulldog. Geoff snuck out and bought paddle pops for the all the boys as a sweet end to our awesome morning.

After lunch, we gathered for another team time and both Gabe and Jarrett spoke on Proverbs. The boys since yesterday have started getting together on their own and reading out loud the book of Proverbs to each other. They are currently finishing up Proverbs 7 as of today.

This has replaced game time on cell phones which has been awesome to say the least. Two days ago Geoff addressed the issue of an increase in foolishness and a decline in their focus on God.




After Gabe and Jarrett spoke we took the Team to the movie Incredibles 2 in the VIP theater. They got to sit on individual reclining leather couches and ordered dinner off a menu while watching the movie.


We headed home afterward and the Team got a game of night tag going. We’re getting ready to join forces with another youth team from Pennsylvania tomorrow. We’re also looking forward to seeing Victoria’s parents Don and Adrienne Bowen. It’s shaping up to be a busy last week and we’re looking forward to what God has for us. Keep the prayers coming!