Today was cleaning day for the better part of the morning. Another team from PA arrives today and yet another 3 this next week while we are still here. One of the teams that arrives on Monday will be partnering with us to do a VBS at a local church so we are excited for that. The boys are cleaning our room for the team that arrives, and the girls have to move to another room and open their room up for the other teams.

The Team took advantage of the brunch today sleeping in until 9:30am. We then set in to our tasks of cleaning and moving. Leydhi our “Super Host” organized some Team games that we participated in. We had a great time!






Afterwards, we loaded the Team up in our vans and headed to the mall for a couple of hours and then back to the base for dinner.


Even though we have another week left, we will be sharing Leydhi and Mich with the other teams 😕. They have certainly been a tremendous blessing to us and we are a little sad.