It has been a blast working with the Worship Center Team from PA. Our Team got underway this morning planning activities for tonight’s VBS this morning. While the Team was being creative Curtis and Geoff went to the laundromat for our last laundry run.



Sad but true, we are well and truly into our last week. We have so appreciated the prayers that have been submitted on our behalf as we believe we are experiencing the fruits.

We also had our last S Mart run of sorts. Our Team loves their sweets. After our trip to S Mart we were back at the base getting ready for our VBS in the evening.

The Church, Chapultepec that we are doing our VBS at is considered conservative but they are so full of life and Jesus that our Team gets so excited to participate in the VBS with them.


Leydhi also taught us  some awesome dances to some upbeat Spanish songs and the Team took full advantage of it. We had to leave early in order to get pizza for dinner and head to the base. It has been another awesome day and finishing strong is happening which makes us happy! Keep praying, two days left!!!