Geoff was up early this morning and caught the breakfast prep guys working to get the first meal of the day done. 


We have been blessed with good food our whole time here in Juarez, Mexico. The base staff here have embraced us as their own and it will be sad to leave them. 


Mike and his wife Aida oversee the kitchen and do a first rate job putting awesome delicious meals together for about 150 people here on the base including staff and kids at Rancho, three times a day. This is a special couple that love what they do and how they serve and it truly shows. We are so grateful for the quality food but more importantly the quality people that we have met.


We think we took our last trip to the Market this morning but that remains to be in question until the moment we leave. On the way back to the base we stopped at the water park we went to last week to arrange a performance for tomorrow but we need the go ahead from the owner who was not there. At this point it will be whatever the Lord decides.

We headed back to the base, had lunch and met up with our PA partners at 2:30pm. Our Team groups went through their game plans. It’s important to make mention that our Team have done an exemplary job coming up with teaching plans for our VBS program. The teachings as well as the activities have been most excellent and the Church we are serving are having a wonderful time. Our theme the first day was around identity and we performed “This is Me”. The theme on our second day was on letting God take care of lies and deceit the enemy brings through negative words. We performed “Let It Roll”. Todays theme was about catching Gods fire and we performed 


“Catch A Fire”. Tomorrow, we will end with the theme Forgiveness and perform “God Forgive Us” and “The Thief”

God has utilized our songs well and He’s teaching all of us including our VBS classes some awesome Truth!

Mich took us to restaurant that was just incredible. We thought we scored when he took us to Aajiji but Megan and Geoff would have to agree that El Rancho is and has been the best restaurant we have been to since coming to Juarez!