Happy 15th Birthday Gabe Miller!!!

Today was literally celebrate Gabe Miller day!!! From donuts for breakfast, cake for lunch and the potluck for dinner it seemed like all of Gabe’s Christmases and Birthdays came at once… How appropriate and what came to mind was the words from Psalm 139, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” That is one the best things about God is that He makes it His priority to celebrate life, and celebrate we did!

We would like to take this opportunity to also commend the parents of all the young people on this team! There is a hungering and a thirsting after God that is insatiable. We started worship reflecting on the movie “The Passion of Christ” last night and again we experienced more gems being revealed in our young people’s hearts.

Kathleen Tabor was our speaker for both sessions this morning. I asked the kids, what did she speak on and they answered, she didn’t have a title, she just spoke truth and that, Ladies & Gentlemen is Kathleen Tabor. She not only speaks Truth but she lives Truth, Truth being the very person of Jesus Christ.

Kathleen as always was very direct and has been putting together a teaching on the orphan spirit for some time, which is what we will be encountering as a team going to the orphanage in Juarez, Mexico. Here are some bullet points:

  • If sin is in front of your face you either allow it in or you rebuke it. It doesn’t become a part of you until you allow it.
  • There are 3 Fathers. 1) God the Father 2) The father of lies and 3) The father you created to meet your desires
  • Gods fingerprints are upon us
  • An orphan spirit has no connection with God
  • He called you by name before the foundations of the earth
  • Our greatest demon is serving the interests of man and not God

These are just some of the pearls of wisdom she imparted and the team is taking notice.

We ended our day with a good ole SRFM potluck. Family and friends came and enjoyed a great time. Gabe got his 3rd or 4th Happy Birthday song sung to him as we spent an enjoyable evening fellowshipping with our families and our friends.
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