I just want to say up front, we have an amazing team! Today’s worship time started with a very brave young lady Zion Conley stepping up in front of our whole team and walking in humility asking forgiveness of the team for her bad attitudes. As one of the older team members she led by example which sparked each individual on the team to invite the Holy Spirit into their hearts and receive His conviction for any offenses they had toward other team members. Pretty soon we had our whole team reconciling with one another. You gotta love when you get the privilege of watching a mini-revival take place right before your very eyes. It set the stage for a very deep and intimate worship time before Father God.

After our awesome worship time we were blessed with another dynamic duo, Lance and Lisa Rediger. This is a couple who have traveled nations discipling young people. If you had the opportunity to watch the children’s theater production, Lion King Jr over a week ago at the Magic Circle here in Montrose, CO you would realize just how much of an impact they continue to make in young peoples lives.

Lisa spoke on what it means to contend and how necessarily vital it is to contend with God against the enemy in this day and age. Again some bullet points of an excellent teaching time:

  • Contend – to dispute earnestly against falsehood
  • We contend with the Enemy by knowing who God is; we contend beside the Victor Jesus Christ
  • Stand in who you know God is
  • The Enemy duplicates what the Lord does (It’s called a counterfeit)
  • Who are you? Who does God say I am? You have to decide
  • We long for peace because we were created for heaven


Lance spoke on another vitally imperative subject, Obedience. If I were to describe how Lance teaches in a nutshell, it would go like this, “He makes the bible come alive”. For as long as I’ve known Lance one thing that is a distinct character trait of his is that he is madly passionate about God’s word. Here are some bullet points:

  • Hebrews 11
  • God will tell you to do something & God will ask if you want to do something
  • “If you love me you will obey my commands”
  • Philippians 2:13
  • When you say yes, He will do the work in you
  • You need to obey but you also need to know what He’s asking and what He expects
  • Stand Test Rewards Abide Walking
  • Gods test isn’t always about you. Sometimes it’s for His sake
  • Obedience is important to God; your obedience is important







After the teachings we had lunch, and got ready for dance practice. At the end of dance practice the boys headed to the Tabor’s to help David. After showers we enjoyed a wonderful meal by the Conley’s and Bowen’s. A killer game of double team four square ensued and shortly after we sat down to hear an awesome devotion from Victoria Bowen. Megan, Curtis and I truly appreciate the depth to which God is working in our team. The devotions are a great tool for the team to hear from their own peers. It gives them a lot of confidence to share what God is doing in each of their hearts and lives.