Megan, Geoff, Shae and the breakfast crew cooked up a mean sausage and scrambled eggs breakfast this morning. A hearty meal for a day full of packing and cleaning!

After worship Geoff spoke today on:

He also spoke from 1 Samuel 16 & 17 to teach about David before he fought and had victory over Goliath. Geoff focused on David’s preparation with the lions and bears and why Sauls armor was inadequate. The question posed for the Team was, “What are your some of your lions and bears that you face in your lives because rest assured as God’s chosen, you will most certainly be facing Goliath throughout your lifetime”? And “What tools has God given you that He is training you in to fight the lions and bears”

The Team split after the teaching and went to Taco Bell and Wendy’s for lunch.

After lunch, they practiced and polished their songs and the big clean up and packing started.

Megan treated the Team to pizza for dinner as parents and family came to say their goodbyes. We’re definitely excited about this next phase and the Team is ready Juarez!

The last report we’ve heard from Mrs. Lucy Allen our SRFM book keeper is that we have $1,379.00 yet to come in to be fully funded before we leave. After this week we know that God is all knowing and all powerful to provide! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support thus far and we ask that you continue to pray…