A very early start today! We weren’t surprised that the Team was up and ready to go. Their eagerness, excitement and anticipation of being in Mexico tonight washed away any tiredness, doubt or fear in their hearts. Families came in to bid farewell as the bus drove in to the parking lot of the school promptly at 5:30am.

Bags were loaded and the team gathered with family members. David prayed for us and put us in the care of our trusted bus drivers Richard and Randy from Telluride Express.

We hit the road at 6:00am over Red Mountain Pass seeing where the fires ravaged Durango. Overall, we stopped about 3 times and made excellent time arriving in El Paso around 5:20pm.

We were met by our two YWAM staff chaperones Mich and Josh. After seeing our Telluride Express drivers off (By the way, we received a very humbling compliment from both drivers saying we were the best kids group that have ever transported over a 10hour trip) Mich and Josh handed Curtis and I the keys to two 15 seater vans. We drove to dinner at a hamburger joint, drove through the border with ease and drove 20 minutes to the YWAM facility adjacent to the orphanage. We got welcome gifts a short rules and regulations pitch, and headed to our rooms. The boys and girls are in separate rooms, beds were made showers had.

The Team are missing their friends and fellow Bootcamp buddies Sammy and Alic. We were sorry to see them go home yesterday.

Thank you all for your prayers. We are here safe and sound. Our trip went very smoothly and we are excited for this next 3 weeks!!!