Today we celebrate Paige McCracken! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!! We had another early start today. The team has definitely adjusted and an early morning isn’t as challenging as the beginning of outreach anymore (Parent’s take note). The truck for the luggage pulled in at about 6:45am and the lads got busy loading it with their bags as the guest house we are staying in is up on a hill. We drove down with the luggage to the main building and proceeded to load the girl’s luggage.
We had a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausages, fresh fruit, milk, cereal and toast. After breakfast we said our final goodbyes as family and friends came in to farewell us. It was an emotional farewell for most of the team as they have gotten to know and make Ila/ Tabor family and friends their family and friends. As we loaded up the boys decided to ride in the back of the luggage truck freeing up space in the bus for a couple of families wanting to ride to the airport to see us off.
The ride to Nadzab airport was a little bumpy but we arrived there safely after about 45 minutes to an hour. Our check in process caused a little question mark as two of our team members were booked on the next flight but after speaking with the agent we came away victorious with the whole team being able to fly together.
We made good time to Port Moresby and were met at the airport by our good friends Ian and Jenny Memafu. Our truck driver Peter arrived a little after and we got busy loading up. This was another open back truck but this time with a canopy. We got to our new lodgings at the Boroko Baptist Church which has us in two rooms joined to each other. One is bigger than the other which is the girls and the smaller for the boys. In order to exit however the boys have to pass through the girl’s room. The team got busy unpacking and setting up sleeping arrangements while the Memafu’s took Geoff and Megan to the hotel to meet with the director of the orphanage to sort out what was to happen this evening with the fundraiser event.
The team arrived at the hotel early in our green uniforms. The hotel treated us to a free dinner and drinks at their pizza restaurant which bided time for us before we performed. We did two songs tonight in front of a packed audience of corporate businessmen and their wives. There were a good 200 people in the room and the team shined. Due to our transport restraints the truck was at the hotel promptly to pick us up at 8:30pm. Geoff received a text while we were on our way back to the church to do an encore but it was to no avail. It’s good to be back in POM (Port Moresby) but we still have Lae on our minds. It was a long day and the team welcomed cold showers and bed. We did get a little time to sing Happy Birthday to Paige but with us traveling today and unpacking we decided that we will celebrate her birthday bash good and proper tomorrow night.