Today was filled with sights, sounds and smells!

We entered into worship this morning with much expectation and anticipation, and we were pleasantly guided individually to our place of identity in Him. An affirmation time ensued between team members, and shifted ultimately toward the incredible and indescribable character of God the Father. This God we serve is nothing short of Amazing and Wonderful and more than we can fathom!!! Prayer for our dear friends the Boggan family followed as well as prayer for our awesome guide Tamara and her family. God took us deep this morning and this was made evident in the teams individual and corporate response.

As mentioned earlier, today was adventure day. Yangdong Market was our destination. If you’ve never been to an Asian market, you’re in for a real treat. It will definitely challenge you in the area sight and sound but most definitely smell!!! We are getting this bus system down a lot quicker than expected but you learn quickly when you are packed in small confines. Tamara gave us plenty warning ahead as we took the bus to Yangdong. Before Yangdong, we did stop at U Square for lunch. The boy’s Daniel, Mateo and Tayne decided to play it safe and went to KFC but the rest of us made our way to the food court for more of the delicious Korean cuisine. It was good to have our interpreter  Grace and her daughter Celeste along with us.

Yangdong was a good mix of weird and fun at the same time, definitely leaning on the fun side. Geoff got to brush up on his bargaining skills as he bartered for a backpack for Mateo and the girls shied away from the fresh seafood, poultry and produce side, opting for the clothing section… DUH! Much to see, hear and smell! After about 3:30pm we headed back to Saesoon. David and Megan decided on spaghetti for dinner. Dinner was had and we changed into our blue shirts and denim shorts and headed to the same park for an evening performance. It was a GOOD DAY!

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