MDream Children’s Home was our destination this morning. This children’s home was established in 1920 by Director Kong’s great Grandfather. It has been in his family for four generations. Kong and his family are truly amazing people. For those of you that may remember, SRFM sent a donation to this organization for their Christmas program last year.

Our time this morning at MDream was refreshing. We didn’t get to interact with a lot of kids but we did have the opportunity to help put crafts together for them. Courtney the lady that coordinates the projects put us to work immediately and it took us all morning to get everything done. Needless to say it was a lot of fun. Autumn, Kong’s wife and their baby girl Karen came and helped as well.

After getting things done we went to lunch and experienced a feast. I’m not sure if you’re getting the idea or not back home but we are loving the food here in South Korea. We had the awesome privilege of meeting Kong’s sister, mom and dad and some of their awesome staff. We headed back to the church and everyone bar maybe a few hit their pillows for some much needed R & R.

We were up at 3:30pm dressed and ready for our performance at Ilgok Park. We got there at 4:30pm but realized that our sound wasn’t recharged. So Curtis and Daniel faithfully went back to the church to get the sound charged. Again we were blessed by Viviana’s hospitality as she bought dinner for us once again. We enjoyed a Korean delicacy called kimbap.  Curtis and Daniel returned about an hour later and we performed. In the middle of our performance we had a visit by the police for having a music way loud but apart from that the Team did great…!!!

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