We saw some heavy rain today. We had breakfast bright and early and Megan and her crew of Teira, Rachel, Lydia and Brooke headed to school for an early start. This will be our last stint at Mark Liebenthal’s school that he teaches at. The girls have had a blast and have met so many wonderful people.

The rest of us headed into town to shop and do some errands. We have printed off 100 copies of a Team picture and each of us have signed the pictures for Tamara to give to the kids at MDream. We had left overs for lunch and for some of us a nap was in the plan for the afternoon.

Megan and her team of girls returned from the school a little exhausted as they did 3 classes back to back. We waited until about 6:00pm to get ready for dinner. We were invited to dinner with members from Ilgok Central Church at a Korean restaurant. The main dish was bulgogi which is a traditional Korean beef dish. Gwangju is renowned for making the best food in the nation and they did not disappoint at this restaurant.

The members from the Ilgok Central Church saw a couple of our performances and were so drawn to the life that the Team showed that they decided they wanted us to share at their church on Sunday and subsequently dinner tonight. They are an awesome group of people hungry after the things of God.

Teira, Rachel, Lydia & Brooke with the middle school girls

Teira, Rachel, Lydia & Brooke with the middle school girls

Bulgogi1 Bulgogi2 Bulgogi3 Bulgogi4 Bulgogi5 Bulgogi6 Bulgogi7 Bulgogi8 Bulgogi9