Parent’s we have been well fed and well looked after here in Lae. Yesterday at the Cassowary United Church there was a full segment of announcements listing each cultural group and a detailed list of food items they are to bring for each meal to feed us for the rest of the week. When we informed the team what they were talking about in pidgin they didn’t mind sitting the extra 15 minutes for announcements.
We kicked our day off today with a 2 song performance at the Super Value Stores, staff devotion time. It was good to pray for some of the staff members afterward and also catch up with old friends. After the performance we headed back to the CRC church to have breakfast. After breakfast a trip to the crocodile farm was arranged, but before they left they had to gather all their laundry and bring them to the guest house where the boys are staying with David and Geoff. Geoff and Megan offered to stay back and do the team’s laundry while the team embarked on their adventure to the crocodile farm.
The team came back in good spirits and Winterford and Lone the YWAM Lae Base leaders treated the team to lunch at Big Rooster. This is the equivalent to KFC in the States and Oz but a whole lot tastier. Austin Koeppen kept asking the staff if it really was that good and he seemed satisfied enough after lunch. We headed back to the church to change into our swimming suits. After getting changed we made our way to the Lae International Hotel and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in the swimming pool. After the swim it was back to the church for dinner. We have had a constant source of good food all outreach and tonight proved to be no different as the Bougainville and Central groups from the United Church provided our meal for us. Good friends of Geoff and Megan, Alain and Laura Boussougou and their youngest son Zephan joined us for dinner and it was good to catch up with them.