We have met some awesome people here at Tabernacle of Prayer church. There are three young men in particular Gilkin, Solomon and Jason. All three of these men are on staff here at the church and basically they have served us from the day we stepped off the plane. They have also bonded with our young men and lifelong friendships have been formed. We are grateful for their help as well as the YWAM Staff Tau, his wife Nau and Mirria. Mirria took all of our laundry yesterday and had it washed, dried, folded and ready for us before we walked out the door today. This was a good thing since we needed uniforms before we left.
We had two performances today at the same venue, Constitution Park. The first was at 11:00am. Again we performed before a packed audience and the staff immediately recognized that the next level had been reached for the team spiritually. The Holy Spirit moved and touched the crowd as the team members shared deep from their hearts, the personal battles they had gone through. They shared how God had started the healing process in their hearts allowing them to recognize His hand in their lives and also the revelation of His Father heart for them. After this performance a woman came to the team and started weeping profusely. As she embraced and thanked each of the team members she explained “Your testimonies broke my heart”. Another woman who was selling bilums (traditional woven bags) took the team to her stall and gave each team member a bilum as a gift. We all left a little sobered as we realized the impact God is making through us individually and as a team.
As you have seen on the Facebook pictures, we travel on an open back truck everywhere we go. With the SP Games going traffic is jam packed all day every day so you can imagine what transpired after Gilkin our truck driver handed a Papua New Guinea flag to one of our boys. Heading back to Constitution Park for our second performance at 6pm with the PNG flag on the back was a sight to behold. We had every car, bus and truck beeping and people waving and calling out to us with smiles of jubilation. We have also taught the team to sing the PNG anthem and singing the anthem at the top of their voices and waving the flag made for a very, very momentous trip. You would have thought that we had won a gold medal the way the people responded to us. Keep in mind, with bumper to bumper traffic; we didn’t move to fast to our destination either.
Our second performance was just as powerful as our first. A well known celebrity singer was scheduled to perform before us. Right before he started there was a power outage and he wasn’t able to perform so we were able to take his slot and have double time. Again, the testimonies moved and touched people deeply and by the end of our performance we had captivated the audience’s attention. This gave Geoff the opportunity to close and share a short message for the crowd to contemplate where they are individually in their personal relationship with God. We had dinner in the park and headed home to much needed cold showers and bed.