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Ao1 International Outreach 2018


Day 23: Outreach 9th, July 2018

What a day we had! We have been praying for more performances during this last week. This morning we were able to go to downtown Juarez and perform in front of the Catholic Cathedral. This was a full performance only the second we’ve been able to do all outreach. We...

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Day 13: Outreach 29th June 2018

Today at the El Rancho we helped the kids with tie dying shirts. Our Team Boyz helped Geoff teach a Warrior dance called “Kia Kaha” and we had the added pleasure of having Dustin with us today. Our Boyz were excited to see him again! Jades mom Kecia Replogle also...

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Monday, 20th July

It was another early start today as we were up at 6am and started preparing for our trip to Keapara village. Keapara village is about 3 hours west of Port Moresby. Keapara is where Geoff’s dad Teio is from. Of the few personal priorities Geoff had for this trip, this...

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Sunday, 19th July

Today started early as the girls had to pack up all their stuff and their bedding and move them into the boy’s room. The boys also had to pack and pick up their beds to make space for the girls things. This is never easy but the team passed with flying colours....

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Saturday, 18th July

Before the team was up Geoff, Tayne and Samuel went out to get some fruit for breakfast and some ice for the water cooler. When they got back the team was still stirring and slowly getting up. Breakfast was at 8:30am. We found out that our performance at the mega mall...

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Friday, 17th July

Today we celebrate Paige McCracken! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE!!! We had another early start today. The team has definitely adjusted and an early morning isn’t as challenging as the beginning of outreach anymore (Parent’s take note). The truck for the luggage pulled in at...

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Wednesday & Thurday, 15th & 16th July

Wednesday: The team had a little bit of a sleep in this morning. We are certainly enjoying ourselves here in Lae and it will be hard to leave come Friday. Today was an easy day of sorts. We headed to Cassowary United Church at 10am to perform and teach some of our...

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Tuesday, 14th July

It was an early start today as we took a 4 hour drive to a place called Baiyu, which is in the Bulolo area. Bulolo is renowned for its gold and timber products. We traveled some beautiful terrain as we took in the lush tropical rainforest scenery. The drive was a...

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Monday, 13th July

Parent’s we have been well fed and well looked after here in Lae. Yesterday at the Cassowary United Church there was a full segment of announcements listing each cultural group and a detailed list of food items they are to bring for each meal to feed us for the rest...

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Saturday & Sunday, 11th & 12th July

Saturday The team had a 9:00am wakeup call this morning which was a far cry from our 3:30am start yesterday. The sun was out and after a fitting breakfast we sorted our laundry and got in our green shirts to perform. We had two open air meetings scheduled for Top Town...

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