Before the team was up Geoff, Tayne and Samuel went out to get some fruit for breakfast and some ice for the water cooler. When they got back the team was still stirring and slowly getting up. Breakfast was at 8:30am. We found out that our performance at the mega mall Vision City was cancelled but we have an opportunity to go to the orphanage whose fundraiser we performed at last night, this afternoon.
After breakfast the team got ready for the day and we used the morning to go shopping at Tabari Place which was where we first performed the day after we arrived in PNG. This was a lot of fun as the team was split into two groups and sent on their merry way. After an hour and 15 minutes we headed back to the church to have lunch and get ready for our time at the orphanage.
George Nita a good friend of the Ila’s and Tabor’s, and also a PNG missionary to Port Moresby with his Australian wife Crystal met us at the church and offered to take the lead in their vehicle to show us where the orphanage was located. They led us to an outer suburb called Gerehu. The team got very excited when they saw the kids at the orphanage. We performed about 3 songs and shared testimonies between songs. You could tell Stephanie was taking it all in after being adopted last year. The performance went quickly as the team was very eager to spend time with the kids and as soon as they were released to do so they took full advantage of their play time. This proved to be a very fruitful time as we could tell the team was still settling in to being in to their new location.
We headed back to the church for showers. Megan made a chocolate cake and Jasmine’s family the Mileng’s and the Memafu’s joined us for dinner. We had an awesome birthday celebration for Paige and a handful of team members took turns to affirm her. The boys and most of the girls also took time to honour Samuel as this was his last night with us. Both Paige and Samuel were humbled by the words spoken over them by the team. This team has certainly bonded and forged awesome lifelong friendships and it will be interesting how those friendships play out over time.