Saturday- This morning we had fruit and bread for breakfast. There’s nothing like hitting the ground running and today we started with a performance at Tabari Place. This is mostly a shopping place and was a great starting place for our first outreach. Normally on outreaches past our first performance is a first fruits offering to the Lord. Upon arrival we had an instant crowd. Geoff was our front man as Pastor Ian introduced the team. We were literally surrounded by the crowd who warmed to team immediately. When Megan and David spoke in pidgin this sealed the crowd’s acceptance of us and they hung on every word. This first performance was definitely what was needed to set the tone for our time here in Papua New Guinea and went a long way to build confidence in our team. After we finished we headed back to the church and Megan and David left the team to get food supplies.
The Assemblies Church, TOP (Tabernacle of Prayer) is situated 5 minutes from the airport in the area of 6 mile. Right next to the church is the settlement (slum area) and school children are on a 2 week break. This being said, there are about 60 to 80 kids from kindergarten to 6th grade that come in to the church yard every day to play. This has provided an awesome opportunity for our team to engage in games and we are having a blast. After lunch we decided to have our First Fruits performance in the front yard with the settlement kids. Again, we drew the attention of many who lined the gates outside as they watched us perform for the Lord. Each team member prayed out a prayer of thanksgiving before the Lord as we dedicated ourselves to God. It occurred to us as a team afterward that this was fitting performance spiritually to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit right before the opening ceremony festivities for the SP Games.
For our 4th of July celebration we were treated by Geoff’s immediate family bringing us a home cooked traditional PNG meal. Fresh fish, chicken, sweet potato, fresh greens, soup and coconut rice were some of the things the kids were familiar with and it didn’t stop the team from 2nd and 3rd helpings. The team had showers and bedded down early. This evening was also the opening ceremony for the SP Games so we did have fireworks our 4th of July in Papua New Guinea. You gotta love God’s sense of detail to be faithful to His people. We have a busy schedule and it will be duly posted on our website calendar. We are still working out details for internet access but we are close to a solution. Please continue to pray for us as we spend the week here in Port Moresby.