The team had a 9:00am wakeup call this morning which was a far cry from our 3:30am start yesterday. The sun was out and after a fitting breakfast we sorted our laundry and got in our green shirts to perform. We had two open air meetings scheduled for Top Town and Eriku. Our first performance was at Top Town which is the town centre and had a great crowd. After the performance we had some time to walk around town and do a bit of shopping. After about an hour we left for Eriku which is another main shopping area. We actually had a quick lunch on the bus on the way to Eriku and performed to another packed ground. After Eriku we headed home for some rest. Lae is a lot more humid than Port Moresby so the team is feeling the strain. The amount of blessing that we have received from the body of Christ here in Lae is phenomenal as they make sure we are staying hydrated with bottled water every day. The CRC (Christian Revival Crusade) Church has volunteered to cook breakfast and dinner in their dining room for us every day. Cassowary United Church which is the Tabor’s and Ila’s home church have agreed to also help with food from Monday onwards for the rest of our time here.
This evening we participated in the Saturday night service here at CRC with two songs and the boys headed up to their room right after we danced. Geoff led the boys in a heart prep time and let God do His thing. The boys talked for about an hour and got ready for bed. The girls were with David at the service. Keep us in prayer as we have hit the middle of outreach and we need to step it up for the remainder of the outreach.


This morning we worshiped at Cassowary United Church. Other than our first Sunday at Mt. Tamborine this was the second time we dressed in our Sunday clothes. The team performed one song and we sat down to an hour and a half of preaching,
We joined the visiting Pastor and his wife for lunch with the church elders and caught up with old friends and family. We returned back to the CRC Church and got out of church clothes. There are going to be naps taken this afternoon as we have a full program tonight here at this church. Tonight is the combined churches gathering and it’s going to be a blast with congregation members from several churches all gathering together.
We have been blessed and provided for every step of the way on this outreach. Tomorrow we will enjoy a day off and visit the crocodile farm. We appreciate your prayers and as mentioned yesterday please continue to keep us in your prayers.