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Ao1 International Outreach 2014


Gwangju, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Saturday, 19th We were initially booked to help with something similar to a VBS here at the Saesoon but that was cancelled. We decided to head back to our rooms and have a team meeting to discuss the next few days. After our meeting we took some time to start our...

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Gwangju, Friday 18th

In what wasn't looking like a very full day at all, it turned into a very eventful day. We had breakfast early again and headed downstairs to have a worship time. The Holy Spirit again went deep in our worship time as each of the Team members were encouraged to press...

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Gwangju, Thursday 17th

We saw some heavy rain today. We had breakfast bright and early and Megan and her crew of Teira, Rachel, Lydia and Brooke headed to school for an early start. This will be our last stint at Mark Liebenthal's school that he teaches at. The girls have had a blast and...

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Gwangju, Wednesday 16th

Today was our day off. We had brunch at 10am and got ready for the day. Tamara came with Kaiser and treated us to Tim Tam slams which we readily agreed to. We headed into downtown Gwangju once again for last, last minute shopping. Some of us namely, Daniel, Tayne and...

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Gwangju, Tuesday 15th

Breakfast started at 7:00am this morning! Dishes were taken care of and the Team got ready for the day. We all went downstairs for a worship time once again making sure that we took advantage of this time to get our hearts right with God. The end of outreach is upon...

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Gwangju, Monday 14th

The Team was split up a little today. Teira and Mateo went with Tamara to do a kindergarten class and Megan took Anna Renn, Brittany, and Katelyn to Mark Liebenthal's English class. The rest of us got the opportunity to hike up Mudeung Mountain which is the highest...

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Friday, Saturday and Sunday

As you can see I am behind on my updates which is not unusual, we just got busy over the weekend, so I will attempt to review the last three days: Friday, July 11th Friday did not have a lot going schedule wise. One thing we like to do when we don't have a schedule...

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Gwangju, Thursday 10th

MDream Children's Home was our destination this morning. This children's home was established in 1920 by Director Kong's great Grandfather. It has been in his family for four generations. Kong and his family are truly amazing people. For those of you that may...

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Gwangju, Wednesday, 9th

Normally on outreach around this time thing's start to become routine. The Father, however always has other plans and requires us to press in a little harder. The outreach here in South Korea is preparation for the next outreach that actually starts, the day we return...

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Gwangju, Tuesday 8th

Today was very laid back. We had breakfast at 8:ooam and just relaxed for most of the morning. At around 11am Tamara and Kaiser came and we all walked to the zoo. One of our Team members posted on her Facebook page that walking was our new hobby. We have walked a lot...

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