In the two days that we have been here we have met up with many ex-Kings Kids members. King’s Kids were the youth ministry that David, Kathleen, Megan and Geoff ran when they were with YWAM PNG many years ago. We have also seen some close family and friends. Liz Pidik, Bernard Eliuda and his parents Steven and Julie and family, Jean (Valu) Vava and Ileen’s (From Oz) mother Rose Malai, her brother Norman, Arthur Lahies and his wife Numa, Geoff’s brother Henry and sister Millie and their siblings Esther, Amanda and mother Noreen. Each of these families played a huge part in King’s Kids PNG and have laid strong foundations that we are able to stand upon today as Audience of One.
Liz came at 6:15am this morning to pick up Clara and Joan and take them to a fresh food market. Jenny Memafu’s son Judah works with a secular radio station FM100 which reaches 90% of the nation on air. Judah managed to work in a time slot for their gospel morning show for David and Geoff at 8:15am. David and Geoff were able to share about the purpose of SRFM and Audience of One. This was another unforeseen blessing and opportunity from the Lord.
We performed here at the church today taking the opportunity to thank the Pastor and the church for offering their staff and facilities to accommodate us. As was mentioned to the kids at breakfast, church in Papua New Guinea is a cultural experience. Worship went for about an hour and a half, we performed for about 40 minutes and Pastor spoke for an hour and a half. I think the team came out with flying colours to say the least.
After the church service we sat down to lunch in our uniforms. As soon as lunch was over the staff gathered for a quick meeting and following that the team loaded the truck with the sound system. This afternoon we performed at Ela Beach which drew another big crowd. We also took the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Spencer along with the crowd and this blessed Spencer. We returned to the church making a quick stop at a grocery store and got out of our uniforms. The team eagerly went out to play with the now 100 plus kids.
After showers we had hotdogs for dinner to celebrate Spencer’s 16th birthday and Megan baked a cake for him. We spent some time honouring him, had cake and ice cream and presented him with his gifts. We’re very thankful for this young man and appreciate his heart for God.