Thursday – Today was a busy day for us all. We took the whole day to clean with other activities thrown in as well. The team responded well to all that was happening today. Firstly, we had an unexpected performance scheduled at a retirement home and it was suggested that we only take a smaller contingent since space was limited. Seven team members left leaving the rest to start packing and cleaning. Geoff also had his hands full priming and painting a wall in the office for the staff of the facility. Clara and Joan faithfully started our last load of laundry in Oz and we got busy. In the midst of all the activity, long time friends of Clara and Geoff visited. Grace Leo and her grandson Kenton visited the Ila’s and were introduced to the team over lunch. Grace and Clara owned a trade store business together in PNG way back when and it was a tearful reunion. We also had Ileen and two of her nieces and Ghislaine.
After lunch we had an impromptu practice / performance time for our lunch guests and the office manageress Vivian and some of her family that joined her. Geoff took this opportunity to finish painting the wall. Ileen and her nieces graciously helped the team clean after the practice. As all of this took place David and Kathleen went into town to get fish and chips for dinner. On their return dinner was promptly called and cleaning and packing resumed afterward. Tonight was an early night to bed as guests came and left. We have an early start tomorrow and you can tell the team is excited.
Friday- After a 4:15am wake up the team got to business finishing up with the cleaning of their rooms sweeping and mopping and wiping down walls. Our team member Jasmine had separate travel plans and left for the airport for an 8:00am departure putting her a couple hours ahead of us. The bus showed up at 6:00am and the team loaded bags after grabbing a packed breakfast of yogurt, banana and juice each.
The drive to the airport seemed long but didn’t bother the team who were tired and excited at the same time. After arriving at the airport we unloaded our bags, bid farewell to our bus drive Paul and proceeded to check in. Some of the team took advantage of the 2 hour wait in the boarding lounge to get coffee/tea and some bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Air Niugini flight PX 004 was our plane that we boarded. The five hour trip to Port Moresby didn’t seem long. When we landed we cleared customs and were greeted by YWAM Port Moresby leader Kuriva, and her staff Tau and Nau. The team was also met by our accommodation hosts from the Assemblies of God Church, Tabernacle of Prayer with their open back truck which was loaded with our bags and the girls hopped on. The boys took the 15 seater van and we were transported to the church which will be our home for the next week. The girls have one big classroom that they will share with Joan and Clara, while David shares the adjoining room with the boys. Megan, Geoff and Tayne share a room on the ground floor.