This morning seemed a little slow with most of the team letting the realization of being on outreach sink in a little more. For the early risers taking advantage of the continental breakfast was a good thing. For those not so early risers, well I’ll stop right there.
After breakfast the truck was loaded once again and we ensued with our first team meeting. David, Megan, Geoff and Teira gave the team a run down on what was to happen for the day of travel. It is always important to get the team into thinking as a team so there was a lot of instruction sprinkled with encouragement. We were happy to have Joan and Austin arrive shortly after and headed to Denver International Airport.
It was also good to have Geoff and Teira fly this first leg of the trip with the team as they were going to fly stand by. Flights didn’t look to good for them leaving Denver, and they ended up purchasing cheap tickets online allowing them to fly with the rest of the team to LAX. Bernie Koeppen, Joan’s husband brought his drivers to pick up the vehicles from DIA after the bags were unloaded, and we also bid farewell to our roadies Allison Kenimer and Larry and Lisa Franks. The team moved through security with ease as we made our way to our assigned gate. The beginning of our team dynamics kicked in as each team member was assigned to their flock group and the flock group leader was given money to buy lunch for their designated group.
After the team boarded the flight we all got to witness Sarah Stones first ever time to fly on an airplane. The flight was two hours and most of us took the opportunity to get a nap in. Arriving in LAX was no hassle. We headed down to baggage claim and got luggage. The Ila’s minus Clara separated from the group to head to the United terminal and wait for Shannon Rediger, while the rest of the team waited for Tristen Cramer at the Qantas terminal. This completed the US contingent of the team. The Ila’s with Shannon got a bit of a head start as they flew United to Sydney while David, Kathleen and the rest of the team flew directly to Brisbane. Either way it will be good to hear stories after 14 hours of being on an airplane. This truly is a baptism of fire for first time flyer Sarah Stone. Will update you next in OZ!!!

Meeting Shannon  and Lisa at United

Clara & Joan in LAX



Clara & Stephanie

The team at the hotel in Denver.

The team at the hotel in Denver.

Hotel in Denver