Mr. Curtis Allen Man after God's own Heart...

Mr. Curtis Allen Man after God’s own Heart…

We have some truly incredible staff members at Solid Rock, one of them being Curtis Allen. You won’t find a more gracious and honorable man who loves being God’s son first and foremost. He is an awesome husband and father and carries a “Father Heart” anointing that immediately hits you when you first meet him. The team is certainly blessed to have him coming to Togo. Today, Curtis spoke on two topics 1) “The Father Heart of God” and (2) the word of our personal “Testimony”. These subjects are foundational to the area of identity in God. Knowing that God is our Father is simply not enough, but understanding the attributes that are involved in the area of self-worth and self-respect are critical to a young persons identity. Not being easily swayed by your piers or circumstance because you know who you belong to is an imperative life lesson our young people need in this day and age. Simply knowing that we didn’t choose the Father but He chose us free’s us from having to perform or prove ourselves as acceptable.

The intimacy and power of the Holy Spirit is increasing in our worship times as well. Geoff explained yesterday in our first worship session that when we go to Togo, we as a team will witness and experience first hand the un-abandoned praise of the 3rd world nations. When you come to worship Jesus in a 3rd world nation, there are no inhibitions, and definitely not a care in the world for what other people may think or say around you. It’s just you and Papa God!

Worship is heating up... No better time than all the time to praise Jesus!!!

Worship is heating up… No better time than all the time to praise Jesus!!!

It was another awesome day with great worship and teaching to start the day. The lads went with Curtis again in the afternoon and worked hard pulling weeds, while the girls practiced their dances in the gym.

We also had the privilege of celebrating a Birthday this evening:



We are so thankful for this young Lady and blessed to have her on our team! She shared with us how she wanted so much to be on an Ao1 team outreach in the past but it wasn’t God’s timing and finally God answered a hearts desire that has come to fruition… We had a great time celebrating and we are so thankful to her mom Chris for providing the meal and the awesome cakes!!!

Yum Yum!

Yum Yum!

It was also good to have the Allen’s, Morris’s, Bowen’s and Conley’s over as well as Sierra’s Family!

Togo Bcamp Day 2 vTogo Bcamp Day 2 viii

Togo Bcamp Day 2 viTogo Bcamp Day 2 vii

The night ended with an intense game of basketball which allowed for any extra ounce of energy from the day to be used up. Altogether an awesome day had!

John 5:19 – Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can only do what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.