There was much anticipation to get the outside of the kitchen completely painted today but the rain put a quick stop to our plans. We took time out to have a worship and intercession time for the base and that turned out to be an awesome experience. In Geoff’s group Zion got a vision of a big boulder and then received another vision of water pouring over the rocks. She submitted her visions to her intercession group and God started to bring understanding. It was an awesome time as Zion shared that this was something she hadn’t done before. She felt a little silly but with some encouragement from Geoff she realized that God was going to speak and interpret her vision. In a totally different other group, Jamie and Hope had similar vision’s, which confirmed what God was saying and gave us the full picture as to what to pray for. This of course was eye opening for our team members who have never experienced intercession firsthand.

Togo 17 Day 18 Clinic7 Togo 17 Day 18 Clinic4 Togo 17 Day 18 Clinic3 Togo 17 Day 18 Clinic1


After our awesome intercession time, we started getting the clinic prepped and things moved away from the walls for our next paint project. The team also took advantage of the time-out caused by the rain to get a Togolese market experience. Even though it was wet and muddy the team members braved the wet and mud and enjoyed their time at the market.

Togo 17 Day 18 Market6 Togo 17 Day 18 Market4 Togo 17 Day 18 Market2 Togo 17 Day 18 Market1






After dinner we got ready to perform at the Thursday Night Community service and had a blast. The kids shared testimonies and at the end of our time Jamie and Zion shared what they received with the whole base.


Togo 17 Day 18 Perform2 Togo 17 Day 18 Perform Zion Togo 17 Day 18 Perform Togo 17 Day 18 Perfom Shannon