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Togo 2017 Day 21: Sunday, 9th July

So early starts seem to be the norm. In actual fact they start church services as early as 7:00am and finish around 10:30am. We were given the opportunity to perform and preach at the Assembly’s of God church in Lome. We were up and ready by 6am, had breakfast but the...

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Togo 2017 Day 20: Saturday, 8th July

There was much excitement as the team had their extra hour and a half sleep in before breakfast. They were eager to get to the hotel, have lunch speak to loved ones and what they were looking forward to the most, swim in the pool. The first stop though was taking care...

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Togo 2017 Day 19: Friday, 7th July

We had yet another rainy day today. We joined the base staff and students for another time of intercession. After intercession the team gathered to discuss the day. It was decided that we needed our crack team of painters to focus on getting some painting done. So...

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Togo 2017 Day 18: Thursday, 6th July

There was much anticipation to get the outside of the kitchen completely painted today but the rain put a quick stop to our plans. We took time out to have a worship and intercession time for the base and that turned out to be an awesome experience. In Geoff’s group...

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Togo 2017 Day 17: Wednesday, 5th July

So another productive day was in store for us today. Geoff headed into Lome to update 5 days worth of posts, which drew instant attention from parents and friends on the SRFM Facebook page. While Geoff was in Lome, the team did an afternoon performance for some...

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Togo 2017 Day 16: Tuesday, 4th July

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY   Today went exceptionally well for us. The team had a very productive day painting the new kitchen. Not only did we get two separate colors done on the inside, we also primed the outside. This is definitely an answer to prayer. The base staff have...

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Togo 2017 Day 15: Monday, 3rd July

It was another early start to a brand new week. The team joined in corporate worship with the base staff and students after breakfast. We had another anointed time and it definitely helped encourage and fill us. After our worship time, we undertook to begin with our...

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Togo 2017 Day 14: Sunday, 2nd July

If you remember over the Bootcamp phase we talked to the team about being totally sold out for Jesus and worshiping with total unabandonment, without hindrance and disregard of the opinions of those next to you. Well today we got the experience of a lifetime. After...

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Togo 2017 Day 13: Saturday, 1st July

Once again we took advantage of sleep time and made good use of the extra hour. Megan and the team leaders decided with our ministry time starting tomorrow to take the team into Lome for some shopping and get off the base for a bit. Little did we know that we were not...

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Togo 2017 Day 12: Friday, 30th June

Our morning started early again with breakfast at 6:30am. Breakfast is started early so that they can beat the heat of the day, which sets in pretty early. Typically, children will go to school from about 8am to noon, come home, have lunch and some rest and then...

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