After breakfast David and Kathleen headed to the airport in Brisbane to pick up Pam Spencer a very good friend of theirs, who lived in PNG when the Tabors were there. God initiated a very powerful, strategic worship time. We spent over an hour battling for the nation of Papua New Guinea. God gave us clear instruction from the story of Jericho in the bible that we were to walk around the room seven times with pots and pans and make a loud noise and sing. After the seventh time we were to shout the name of JESUS! It was a very moving experience as Jasmine and Miranda our PNG girls led the team in praying for issues that have been strongholds in the nation. The team prayed for the issue of violence against women and also the lack of self worth and hopelessness over the youth. At one point we had Jasmine, Miranda, Teira, Jamie, Shae, Tayne and Samuel stand in the middle of our group representing the emerging generation of Papua New Guinean’s, and the team prayed God’s plan and purpose over them.
Megan was our teacher today and spent the rest of the morning speaking about fear, and things that are a hindrance to the voice of God in the young people’s lives. After the teaching, the team had time to process in their flock groups and prayed for each other over the areas that affect hearing God’s voice in their lives.
David and Kathleen arrived shortly after lunch and the team resumed their routine by getting ready for dance practice. When we go on outreach the team is split into flock groups with flock group leaders. This is strategic in that the young people are able to share the things on their heart with their peers and process things that some of the others may be struggling with as well. This also provides a safe place where they form whole relationships and are able to pray for each other building team unity and accountability. This also helps our young people build leadership skills and the staff leaders monitor these groups daily.
We have three groups. Teira and Jamie lead separate girls groups and Samuel heads up the boys group. Teira’s group is Taylor, Lexie, Shannon and Jasmine. Jamie’s group is Shae, Stephanie, Paige, Sarah, and Miranda. Samuel’s group is Mateo, Spencer, Tristen, Tayne and Austin. Each group is assigned work duties during the day, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping and mopping, and helping prepare meals and clean dishes.
Our afternoon and evening time consisted of a good game of volleyball, showers and a hearty pork roast meal with vegetables. We have started sitting around the fireplace before bed and just learning about each other’s lives and where each and everyone comes from. We anticipate another awesome day tomorrow. Many blessings!!!

Walking and worshiping around the room seven times!

Walking and worshiping around the room seven times!

Pots & pans

Pots & pans


Shannon & Paige!

Roast pork, potato's and vegetables

Roast pork, potato’s and vegetables

Dinner clean-up!

Dinner clean-up!

Shae & Grandad Tabe!


The Tabor's long time friend Pam Spencer who will be joining us in for a few days...

The Tabor’s long time friend Pam Spencer who will be joining us in for a few days…

Big Sis and Little Bro...

Big Sis and Little Bro…

The Pro!

They actually know how to play...

They actually know how to play…


Miranda, Mateo & Jamie preparing dinner...

Miranda, Mateo & Jamie preparing dinner…

Samuel & Jasmine!



Magic skills...

Magic skills…