It’s 6am Wednesday morning here at Incheon Airport Seoul Korea! We got in about 8:30pm last night from Tokyo and spent about an hour an a half going through customs. It was good to Tamara Liebenthal at the airport to greet us… After 15 hours of being away from the good ole US of A we finally managed to sit down and have a meal….. at McDonalds !!! Yep, not ashamed in any way. We’ll get stuck into the local stuff soon enough! We spent the night here at the airport and will regather this morning and bus to Guangju hopefully around 8:30am.
I know most of your updates have been on the FB page but that will change soon as well. The team is well. Quick funny story, so we get in and one of the kids starts asking, “Are you guys Jet “Legged” yet”??? Apparently, she hasn’t known that the proper term is “Jet Lagged” but no names… Hehehe!!! Missing you guys but so ready for this God adventure!!! We got to sing Happy Birthday to David Tabor in Tokyo yesterday at the airport!!!