We had another God filled worship time this morning. God challenged the young people to step up and out of their comfort zone. He revealed that this generation of young people has been and is being assaulted by the enemy more than any other generation before it. In abortion alone this generation has suffered more deaths than deaths in all the world wars put together in history to date. This proved to be a huge wake up call to our young people and was very sobering. Kathleen’s teaching dove tailed our worship time as she spoke on the area of offense and allowing the words of others to determine how we lived our lives. She also spoke about who we are being fathered by, the father of lies or our Father in heaven.
We had a very full morning making us very ready and hungry for lunch. After lunch the team changed and readied themselves for our afternoon dance practice time. Our dance practice sessions have been going much better than what we anticipated. With over 95% of the team being new, we don’t have too many team members that know our songs from our previous outreaches so things are pretty much brand new. So far we have completed 3 songs and have about 4 to 5 more songs to learn and finish before getting to PNG. In saying the team is thoroughly enjoying the dances and that is a good thing especially for our young warriors.
Today, was pretty much a wet day all day with mist and rain but that didn’t hold back our volleyball session in our free time. We were surprised by some of the members from the church we went to on Sunday treating us to some buttered curry chicken and rice for dinner. We also got ice cream cones for desert which the kids enjoyed around the fireplace.
Another good day has been had and we are thankful for this team of young people who are eager to learn about who God is and what He has planned for their individual lives. We spent the evening around the fireplace one again playing charades and just hanging out together. This has proved to be a major plus for our team unity and team bonding. Keep your prayers coming as no one has been majorly sick and that is very good sign for our team.