Our worship and teaching times are getting better every time as God is showing up and revealing more to our kids. There has been a marked difference in seeing the team respond to God freely. It is truly a blessing to witness your children striving to get to know God deeper. It is also good to see these young people move in their gifting. Teira led worship this morning and did a phenomenal job.
After worship the team settled into their teaching time with Kathleen. Kathleen is doing a wonderful job as are all the staff and their respective responsibilities. We also had an unexpected blessing from Ghislaine Holloway taking all our laundry to the laundromat last night and returning with clean clothes for us today during practice. Our practices are going very well and the team learnt another new song today. As the days wind down the team is anticipating Papua New Guinea and there is excitement building.
Dinner came in the form of a barbeque this evening at the Buntrock’s residence. After practice and showers, the team got changed and was taken in groups of four or five to the Buntrock’s house at a time. David manned the grill and we sat down to a delicious Aussie BBQ. Bernie and his wife Ginette came and joined us. Bernie is the gentleman that has been providing us with food throughout our Bootcamp here in Tamborine. We were glad he was able to come so that we could express our gratitude to him.
Before desert Geoff led us in worship and we had a prayer time for Max, Gidget, Kim, Bernie and Ginette. As we interceded we sensed that Mt. Tamborine because of its location was to be a beacon of light for the nation of Australia. Several of our young people prayed for God’s blessing over our hosts and that God would give them strength to continue to shine His light here on the “Mountain” as it is commonly referred to around these parts.
We are very grateful for the Buntrock family and all they have contributed to make our Bootcamp a success. Please continue to pray for them especially here on Mt. Tamborine.