Today was our day off. We had brunch at 10am and got ready for the day. Tamara came with Kaiser and treated us to Tim Tam slams which we readily agreed to. We headed into downtown Gwangju once again for last, last minute shopping. Some of us namely, Daniel, Tayne and I decided two hours of shopping just wasn’t our cup of tea so we headed back to the church for naps and update catch ups. The rest of the Team finally arrived back at the Church 3 hours later and just chilled for a little bit. We headed in to town again to have dinner.

Tonight our Team Leader David treated us to a restaurant that had very little Korean food which I’m guessing is orientation for coming home. I did personally struggle trying to use a fork again after so long but half way through my meal I managed to get the hang of it again. We then left the restaurant and conveniently found a Baskin Robbins for desert. After desert it was home on the bus and an early night. No photo’s of shopping or dinner or desert but I’ll be posting some more real soon!!!